Party of harmony

From Manager, January 29, 2019
Sudarat: Our party will build peace for the country’s future.
In the background left to right, red shirts: Be burned! [the word mimics the sound of a Thai word to create another slang meaning; it contrasts สุก (cooked or be burned) and สุข (happiness)]
Thaksin: As long as I am not happy, you won’t be happy.
Chalerm: Once I have a power, I will revenge you all.
On Wattana’s white T-shirt: Reject the constitution

[Refers to Pheu Thai party’s strategy head Sudarat Keyuraphan. Sudarat is the most well-known and popular PM candidate along with current PM Prayuth.
She projects a moderate and professional air as she has apparently tried to steer the party from its more radical leanings and Thaksin control.
However, the cartoonist reminds the reader that Sudarat’s moderate pronouncements contrast with the Red Shirts (who threatened to burn the nation in 2009 and 2010 and predict bloodshed if Prayuth is appointed PM), Thaksin (who still is deeply involved in the country’s politics) and other party mainstays like Chalerm (known for his aggressiveness and political vendettas).]
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