Jan 10th, 2010

Senior Chinese legislator meets Thai guest

Senior Chinese legislator meets Thai guest People’s Daily, January 10, 2010
Zhou Tienong, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress, met in Beijing with a delegation of the National Assembly of Thailand on Monday. The delegation was led by Chai Chidchob, president of the National Assembly and speaker of the House of Representatives…

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Arisman’s comments

Arisman’s comments – January 9, 2010
Several asked about what Arisman’s comments were which are referred to in this article: Suthep orders action against Arismant.
As far as we can tell the comments are the public threats to firebomb the houses of EC members if they do not dissolve the Democrat Party. There have also been calls to burn down Privy Councilor Prem’s houses in Bangkok, Korat, and Songkhla.
Arisman is a significant Red Shirt as he is one of the few willing to personally lead protest activity on the ground (as opposed to others who threaten and posture on radio and at rallies). Arisman led the charge into the Asean Summit in Pattaya last April.
If Arisman has fled the country as is rumored, this is a boon for the government as it removes a personality who has shown the willingness and ability to lead aggressive protests.
There has been a much higher ratio of talk to action in the last two months and the Thai-language press is beginning to question the Red Shirts’s ability to bring numbers together and take real action. Even the rally at the EC on Friday turned out to be a convoy of just 30 taxis.
Compare this to the English-language press which has been breathlessly reporting the Red Shirts’ boasts along with scuttlebutt from blogs (for example: Reds ready to rumble in Thailand – Also: The idea that low-level minor military friends of Thaksin could break ranks during a protest and somehow support the Red Shirts is ludicrous).
After so many boasts of large numbers of protesters and a final siege of the government, the pro-Thaksin movement will have to come up with impressive activities soon–perhaps the protest at Surayud’s house and then a long march into Bangkok (although land encroachment by an “old ginger” is hardly a strong issue with the public).

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Stigmatized in the Deep South

Stigmatized in the Deep South – January 9, 2010
From an email forwarded from friend living near the Inkayuthaboriharn military camp in Pattani who was accused by the military of being an insurgent:

I do not want to talk about the painful memory any longer because it brings the feeling that I do not want to think about. Talking about it makes me feel the pain every time… I hope that the story that I tell will be one of the solution for state authority… I accept that the operation of the authority as I told is not the state policy to solve the problem and bring peace.

However, I want to raise the question asking high ranked authority and the state policy controller whether they have explored seriously about how operational officials perform their work. Do they follow the declared policy?

Today the word “suspected” was put on my face for the rest of my life [the military questioned him and suspects him of being involved]. Every time that the violent situation occurred in this area, I will be one who was brought into investigation questioning my involvement. I have to live in society with the suspected charge of bombing and shooting despite that I am proved I was not involved in the incident.

I feel that I was put into the new world by the state authority and they indirectly kill me… and the government itself narrows my living space. Today no one dare associate with me like before, merely because I was stigmatized as militant…

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The walk of austerity

The walk of austerity The Star, January 8, 2010
Commonly practised in Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka, Theravada Buddhism is sometimes called the Forest Tradition…

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S Korea to join U.S., Thai-led Cobra Gold exercise

S Korea to join U.S., Thai-led Cobra Gold exercise in late January chinaview.cn, January 8, 2010

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Thai Market owner finds hate graffiti

Thai Market owner finds hate graffiti Reporter News, January 7, 2010

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Father continues fight for justice in Thailand

Father continues fight for justice in Thailand Red Deer Advocate, January 7, 2010
…Iovinelli said Uthai originally claimed he fired his gun in self-defence, but at the most recent hearing said instead that he fired his gun accidentally.
“Our concern throughout is how do you accidentally shoot two different people that are far apart from one another?” he said…

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Military to buy mobile phone jammers

Last one in, againBangkok Post, January 7, 2010
…Two weeks after the army announced that terrorists in the South were switching from mobile phones to other types of remote controls to set off their bombs, the military announced it would purchase new, updated and more expensive equipment to jam mobile phones; this time, the jammers come from Japan at a cost of (cough)1.5 million baht (cough) apiece; you should be ashamed for what you’re thinking right now, the leaders of the armed forces have absolutely no motive but pure national security and the idea of a kickback on such equipment is hateful thought…

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RP offers to buy Thai rice without duty as compensation gesture

RP offers to buy 370,000 MT Thai rice without duty as compensation gesture Manila Bulletin, January 7, 2010

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Police report on Pornthip raises tension in court

Police report on Pornthip raises tension in court Sin Chew Jit Poh, January 7, 2010
…Karpal Singh who represented Teoh’s brother Teoh Meng Kee alleged that the police report was made to intimidate and refrain Dr Pornthip from giving evidence of the second post-mortem carried out on Teoh’s body recently.
…Karpal said Dr Pornthip needs assurance that she would not be detained by the Immigration when she arrives in the country to give evidence on the second post-mortem…

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Historical Thai flags

Historical Thai flags FOTW, January, 2010

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With Hmong expulsion, Thai army asserts foreign po…

With Hmong expulsion, Thai army asserts foreign policy role The Irrawaddy, January 6, 2010
…Thai analysts are hardly surprised, given the long history of the Thai army calling the shots to determine Bangkok’s foreign policy with neighborhood Laos, Cambodia, Burma and Malaysia. It is rooted in military thinking that was dominant during the Cold War, when Thailand was a strong ally of the United States government’s war in Indochina…

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Cambodia, Thai soldiers enjoy new year’s dance near border

Cambodia, Thai soldiers enjoy new year’s dance near borderBernama, January 4, 2010
Some 80 Cambodian and Thai soldiers enjoyed a New Year’s dance last weekend, a festivity that helped the two sides of armed forces to know each other and exchange gifts…

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Thaksin appalled by Hun Sen’s economic knowledge

Thaksin appalled by Hun Sen’s economic knowledge (3) Khmer Intelligence News, January, 2010
Thailand’s former premier Thaksin Shinawatra who has recently been appointed as economic advisor to Cambodia’s prime minister Hun Sen is reportedly appalled the latter’s poor economic knowledge and stubbornness. When Thaksin asked Hun Sen what measures he has taken to counter the ongoing world economic and financial crisis, Hun Sen was unable to speak clearly. Hun Sen tried to say there was nothing he could do and he had to only wait for the United States and Europe to “resolve their problems.” When Thaksin asked him about the size of the economic stimulus package the Cambodian government has adopted, Hun Sen just scratched his head. And when Thaksin asked him about the social safety net the Cambodian government has put in place to protect the population, Hun Sen just asked back, “What is this?”

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Lost decade generation finds new life in Thailand

Lost decade generation finds new life in Thailand Asahi Shimbun, January 1, 2010
…”To me, Japan was a country where no matter how hard I worked, I never felt rewarded,” said a 37-year-old Tokyoite who asked to be identified as Daisuke Kawasaki.
Kawasaki, a frequent visitor to the area, is among the generation that suffered through Japan’s “lost decade” after the collapse of the asset-inflated economy in the 1990s…

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Witness disappears in police torture case

Witness disappears in police torture case Bangkok Post, January 1, 2010
…Abduloh Abukharee vanished on Dec 11 from a witness protection programme where he had been placed after being called as a key witness in a case involving local police accused of torturing insurgency suspects in the South…

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HM The King’s New Year’s card

HM The King’s New Year’s cardKhaosod, January 1, 2010
HM King’s New Year’s card is featured yearly in Thai newspapers.

HRH The Crown Prince’s New Year’s card – from Matichon, December 30, 2009
The caption reads: HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn royally presents this card on occasion of the New Year 2010 celebration for the press [to present to the public] on December 29, 2009

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The Red Shirt Publications Main Page

Above: From Voice of Taksin, March 1-16, 2010
The caption reads: Special campaign to greet the coup festival – Cheer up, Thaksin! – Do not throw more than 2 bottles a day!
[Employing Molotov cocktails has been often mentioned in Red Shirt speeches.
In this cartoon, imagery and advertising slogans from a popular energy drink are used along with the warning on the bottle advises not to drink (or throw) more than two bottles per day.]

Some top examples are on these pages:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Interview with freed red sympathizerBangkok Post, June 15, 2010

[Calling Somyot Prueksakasemsuk a "sympathizer" is perhaps too kind. For nearly a year he ran a magazine that used bloody images to threaten the prime minister, insinuate that judges who rule against Thaksin be assassinated, champion the use of grenades (here and here) and molotov cocktails, and encourage people to "bomb" and "slay" aristocrats.]

…The market is the Thaksin fans. Red News has more than 30,000 sales while Voice of Thaksin has 20,000 copies, both bi-weekly.
I don’t have to receive money from Thaksin. I  was also against him when he was the prime minister, check my background.
Authorities, more or less, followed the debates in the news, questioning the motives of certain editions such as “Jack Queen King” (cards), “Taksin return”, and the fall of the Nepalese and French monarchies

Thai gov’t bans publishing of 4 pro-Thaksin printsXinhua, May 26, 2010

Suthep vows to close new red-shirt magazine again if it attacks nation, monarchyThe Nation, April 29, 2010

Past issues

November, 2010
October, 2010
September, 2010
Return of the Red publications – August, 2010
May, 2010
April, 2010 – Communist Thailand
April 16-30, 2010
April 1-15, 2010
March, 2010 – Voice of Taksin garuda cover
March, 2010
February 15-28, 2010
February 1-14, 2010
January, 2010
December 16-30, 2009
December 1-15, 2009
November 16-30, 2009
November 1-15, 2009
Prem, Prem, Prem
October 15-31, 2009
October 1-14, 2009
September, 2009
August, 2009
July, 2009
Also: Defaced posters

Right: From Voice of Taksin, September 16-30, 2009
The headlines on the cover read: 3 years of the coup of the influential – Bomb the aristocrats – DESTROY [slay] aristocrats [a grenade is in front of the seal of the Democrat Party]
Smaller headline: Da Torpedo, prison of the lese majeste… final, but not last
Smaller headline: Victim of Songkran bloodshed contacts police to file charges against Abhisit
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