May 23rd, 2019

Filling the senate

From Thairath, May 7, 2019
Title: Acrobatic tactics on changing seats
Phi Nooring: Thai-style performance [meaning vested interests and corrupt motives are common in Thailand]
Mouse: No. 1 in the world
Chairs and papers at left from front to back: Ministers, [on the paper] Politicians’ quota; State Enterprise’s board, [on the paper] Politicians’ reserves; NLA, [on the paper] give to the MPs
Papers on the floor from left to right: [Got their] Position from the coup, [Got their] Position from alliance-appointment
Chairs on the right: Senate
Paper held by Deputy PM Prawit at bottom right: 250 Senators

[This refers to the appointment of 250 senators. They are dominated by the military as many of them came from the military while others used to work with or have a good relationship with the junta.
Thus, the new senate, which also votes for the prime minister, is criticized as being a puppet to maintain the junta’s power.]

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What is needed to ruin the Future Forward Party?

From Naewna, May 7, 2019
Left, Piyabutr Saengkanokkul: If the leader has a long vision, he will not use the law as a tool to eliminate his political enemies.
Right panel at top: 20 years is long enough, bro…
On the arrow: 20-year national strategic plan
Words above the envelope: Transfer media stocks

[Refers to the recent election and the attempt of the junta led by PM Prayut to maintain power. The junta’s 20-year national strategic plan has been criticized for preventing political parties from implementing their own plans once elected.
Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn is facing several charges including whether he was able to transfer media shares from his name before becoming a candidate. The party’s secretary-general Piyabutr Saengkanokkul is also facing charges apparently designed to ruin the Future Forward Party’s ability to be part of a government.
The cartoonist, a strong supporter of the junta and opponent of Thaksin and his Red Shirts, is happy about the plight of the Future Forward Party leaders and hopes that the junta’s 20-year plan will permanently freeze them out of power.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Coronation, May, 2019

From Manager Weekly, May 11-17, 2019
Main cover reads: I will continue, preserve, and build upon the royal legacy, and to reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the people forever.”

[This is a quote from King Rama X’s speech on his coronation on May 4, 2019.]

From Matichon Weekly, May 10-16, 2019

[Photo of the first public appearance of the King Rama X after his coronation. The King and the Queen, as well as his family, appeared to thousands of people waiting to greet him.]

From Lokwannee, May 10-16, 2019
Main cover reads: A cobra is not dangerous like a green snake

[Thai political slang designates many politicians as “cobra” meaning they easy betray their party to switch to political alliances. As there is very little ideology in Thai politics, there is little beyond self-interest and the desire to be part of a sitting government to keep MPs aligned to any one party.
The cartoonist contrasts these “cobra politicians” with “a green snake” meaning the military, symbolized here as being an old-fashioned thinking dinosaur. The military is accused of pressuring MPs and parties to join its government–thus creating the “green snakes.”]

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Heaven vs Hell

From Manager, May 7, 2019
Left: Three days admiring heaven.
Right: It’s time to come back to watch the hell.

[The cartoonist (who presents himself and another cartoonist in caricature in the left panel) contrasts the orderly pageantry of the 3-day royal coronation with the ongoing political battle to form the next government in the right panel.
This demonstrates a common Thai conception that tends to denigrate democracy as an untoward process dominated by venal people who are only acting for their vested interests.]

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Thanathorn must learn from Thaksin

From Manager, May 2, 2019
Thaksin: If you didn’t show off… and instead gave an excuse such as “wrongdoing without intention…” then it would end… you won’t face an attack… or being exposed like this… Thai people are easily fooled…!
Caption: Your idol needs to teach you today.

[Refers to Future Forward party’s leader Thanathorn who faces a share-violation claim that could disqualify him as a politician.
The cartoon ridicules him as he seems to have provided unclear or even incriminating information which has caused the local media to further investigate the case rather than focusing mainly in the ruling junta for its blatant attempts to disqualify him.
In the cartoon Thaksin tells Thanathorn that he should have instead followed his example, as when Thaksin famously defended his illegal acts by saying “I did something wrong, but did so without ill-intention.” The public seemed to accept this direct addressing of the situation and he continued on as PM.]

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Hopewell was a great investment

From Manager, April 24, 2019
Hong Kong tycoon Gordon Wu, left: Thailand is the most attractive investment…
Right: I only invested in building a few concrete poles, but received ten billion in return.
Caption: BOI [Board of Investment of Thailand] should hire Gordon Wu as their spokesman

[Refers to the Supreme Administrative Court’s decision ordering the Transport Ministry to pay compensation to Gordon Wu’s Hopewell Holdings with back interest dating to 2008 for unfairly terminating the contract for the elevated road and rail Hopewell Project.
Hopewell Holdings specialized in mega-development projects with governments seen as too disorganized and corrupt to attract partnerships with other international firms. Despite completing large projects in many countries, including some of the most problematic provinces in China, they were unable to complete their project in Thailand.
The cartoonist jokes that the BOI, which attempts to attract foreign investment, should point out how Hopewell received such a big return on its investment (via the compensation money they were awarded) despite not even finishing their project.]

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They did not violate the law

From Naewna, April 24, 2019

Thaksin: I did not violate the law. I only did what the law didn’t allow.
Thanathorn: I also did not violate the law, but I can’t make it [there] to follow the law.
Caption: Old Future. Future Forward. The same book.
[Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn is facing a share-violation claim which could disqualify him as a politician.
This cartoon compares him to former PM Thaksin who also faced the same allegation as well as many other claims of wrongdoing.
The cartoon has Thaksin saying a famous quote he made to defend himself. He probably intended it to mean that he violated the law, but did not have any ill-intention. However, the way the quote came out made it an often-repeated emblem of the cynicism and high-handed entitlement that Thaksin always expected. It became a famous phrase to indicate how politicians expect to break the rules with impunity.
Beside him is Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn with a paraphrase of his defense for his media shareholdings. The charges center around whether it was physically possible for Thanathorn to have returned to Bangkok in person to divest himself of the shares before the first day of campaigning. This oversight seems to indicate that the kick-off of the Future Forward Party was disorganized at best, leaving several legal loose ends for the ruling junta to disqualify Thanathorn with after the election.]

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Who is to blame for the election?

From Manager, April 29, 2019
Man on the left: How did you arrange the election… but can’t announce the result!!!
Election Commission head Ittiporn (middle): Because of him… How did he write the constitution… it is very difficult to verify…
Charter drafter Meechai (right): Because of him… order me to write like this [he is pointing a member of the military junta who control politics]

[Refers to situation faced by the Election Commission (EC) led by Ittiporn Boonpracong. After the election on April 24, 2019, the EC still cannot figure out how to calculate the allocation of seats for party-list MPs.
They finally decided to seek assistance from the Constitution Court for the judgment. Constitution Drafting Committee chairman Meechai denied to provide any comment regarding this matter as he said his duty as the chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee has already finished.
The constitution has been criticized as being written to serve the prolongation of the junta’s power.]

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Will the junta smoke pot?

From Manager, April 22, 2019
Uttama: Please take it, sir… or they won’t join our government… Then, you won’t be able to be PM.

[Refers to the controversial issue of cannabis legalization supported by the Bhumjai Thai Party led by Anuthin (pictured at far left) and Newin (holding the smoking pipe).
Aunthin and his party appear to be the kingmakers of the election amid intense competition between the Phua Thai Party and the pro-junta Palang Pracharth led by Uttama Savanayana (man pushing Prayuth) to form the next government.]

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Tiring out Thanathorn

From Daily News, April 25, 2019
On man’s shirt: Thanathorn
Caption: Now… it’s very hot!! It can cause… heatstroke. [referring to the legal pressure Future Forward party leader Thanathorn is facing]
Around the sun: Investigate the stock holdings
On the top of the mountain: Power
On the flag: Dream chaser
[Forward party’s leader Thanathorn who is now facing accusations that he illegally owned media company shares while being a political candidate. This and other investigations cloud his political future.]

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Big Joke’s fortune

From Matichon Weekly, April 19-25, 2019
Title: Joke’s fortune

[This shows the formerly highest-profile policeman, Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachat Hakparn, known as Big Joke. He was unexpectedly transferred to the Royal Thai Police Operations Center without any reason given. This sort of transfer in the Thai system is the same as being fired.
Big Joke is known to have close ties with Deputy PM Prawit and his father was also an officer who worked with Thaksin’s ex-wife Pojaman’s father.
All of this has led to intense speculation over the reasons for his firing.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Coronation, May, 2019

From Matichon Weekly, May 3-9, 2019
[Traditonally all Thai publications would have covers depicting royalty on major events such coronations and royal birthdays. This image celebrates the coronation of H.M. the King Vajiralongkorn held May 4-6, 2019.]

From Manager Weekly, May 4-10, 2019
Main cover reads: Long Live the King
[The photos illustrate the new queen who was anounced before King’s coronation. H.M. the King Vajiralongkorn married his royal consort General Suthida Vajiralongkorn Na Ayudhya and she becames Queen Suthida and will hold royal titles and status as part of the royal family.]

From Lokwannee, May 3-10, 2019
Main cover reads: Drive slower, There is a traffic ticket ahead
[Refers to the election results expected to be officially announced on May 9, 2019. This cartoon warns political parties to be aware of the situation as the Election Commission has disqualified several politicians. The dinosaur symbolized the supposedly old-fashioned military thinking of the ruling junta.]

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Price for the whole group of cobra politicians

From Daily News, April 18, 2019
Left: That day
PM Prayut: A coup to reform the country before the election
Right: Today
On the cobras: Price for the whole group of cobra politicians: up to a hundred million [baht]

[Refers to the rumor that pro-junta groups are buying up politicians from other parties to add to their coalition. The idea of MPs for sale is a long-standing political reality, but also thought of as a shame and indicative of old-style politics where political groups have no other policies other than to hold power.
The cartoon is further critical of the junta that first committed to reform the country, but later they still followed the same political way by aligning themselves with the most old-fashioned, venal politicians in the country.
“Cobra politicians” are politicians who easily betray their political grouping to join another. It comes from the Aesop Fable “The Snake and the Farmer.”]

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Waiting for a miracle to operate on arms and legs

From Thairath, April 17, 2019
Title: Waiting for a miracle to operate on arms and legs
On the sign: Waiting seats for the prospective MPs
EC member: Using a miracle mathematics
Paper held by EC member: Waiting for clarification from the constitution
Across the three men’s shirts at bottom: Succession of power [meaning they are attmepting to help the junta hold on to power]
On the arms and legs: Reduce party-list MPs from the big party
Phi Nooring: Don’t violate the constitution
Mouse: We want justice.

[Refers to the Election Commission (EC) of Thailand that seems to be struggling to allocate party list seats under the new charter. It is suspected that they have been pressured to make sure junta-connected parties get more seats and Thaksin-aligned parties will get less.
The body parts are meant to show that the new charter will give seats to parties that did not win any seats directly, but did win some votes. All of this is meant to reduce the power of big parties that won seats outright–like the Pheu Thai Party.
The EC petitioned the Constitution Court to clarify how to calculate and allocate the party-list MP seats. Some are afraid this may help pro-junta parties to win an form the government.]

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Proof of authoritarianism

From Thairath, April 13, 2019
Left: Thanathorn is calling on people to oppose PM Tu [Prime Minister Prayuth] as a successor of power [to carry on as PM] is working…
Middle: Sitting man: …because Thanathorn’s evidence is proved.
Other man: What evidence?
Right: Uncle Tu still calls people “brother sister uncle aunt” as the authoritarianism.

[We do not get the joke here. Does it mean that fact that PM Prayuth refers to other people using the customary prefixes of “pee,” “tu,” etc. means he supports authoritarianism of one person over another due to seniority?]

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Feeling pity for Hulk and Wonder Woman

From Manager, April 12, 2019
On the sign: Pheu Thai Party
Pheu Thai Party general secretary Poomtham: Boss [meaning Thaksin] said the time of super hero has ended… it is now a time of the legal person to fight…
Caption: Feeling pity for Hulk and Wonder Woman

[Refers to a rumor from the Pheu Thai Party that Thaksin is planning to support former justice minister Chaikasem Nitisiri to take over the party instead of party’s key figures who help the party to win the election Sudarat Keyurahan and Chatchart Sittipunt (here represented by the Hulk and Wonder Woman).
Sudarat Keyurahan and Chatchart Sittipunt are both relatively flashy public politicians (“super heroes”) while Chaikasem Nitisiri is a more dour legalistic figure thought better to guide the party through expected legal cases that will be thrown at it if a junta-led coalition is formed.
The party’s secretary general Poomtham Vechayachai insisted that Sudarat still plays a key figure of the party and there is no conflict.]

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Songkran alcohol warning

From Daily News, April 15, 2019
Title: Drunk driving is equal to…
On the car: Murder

[This is a frequent warning around Songkran when hundreds of deaths from vehicle accidents occur, many related to alcohol use.]

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Throwing mud

From Khaosod, April 15, 2019
On the box at the top left: Tong Siadsod [name of cartoonist]
Title: Muddy Songkran
On the mud on the man: Overthrow the monarchy
On the papers at left: New policy

[Refers to Thai idiom “throwing mud” illustrating the intense political situation in which rumors and criticism are used to attack others.
In particular, allegation of an intent to “overthrow the monarchy” have been used to attack the Future Forward Party due to its roots in the Nitirat Group as well as the junta’s desire to sideline it after its shock election showing where it came in third overall.
Some have raised concern that the current situation which whips up allegations like this is similar to the events of October 1976. This was when anti-monarchy allegations were made to justify mass killing of student protesters.]

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Thanathorn’s foreign parents

From Manager, April 10, 2019
Thanathorn: All my dear Fah… Daddy wants to introduce your grandpas and grandmas…

[Refers to representatives from embassies who showed up to apparently support to Future Forward leader Thanathorn when he went to the police station to hear sedition charges. This was a signal to the junta that their seemingly politically motivated charges against Thanathorn, coming on the heels of his surprising election showing, were not going unnoticed by Western nations.
However, to a segment of the Thai population, such unified foreign support for Thanathorn, who promises a charter rewrite (reminiscent of all Thaksin-controlled parties) and who has roots in earlier political movements that desired to eliminate lese majeste laws, hints that foreign powers are seeking to upend the Thai nation headed by a king.
This conspiratorial thinking goes back years and posits that Thaksin and his participation in the second Gulf War and acquiescence to a CIA prison on Thai soil is the sort of model of cooperation that Western powers want from Thailand.
Under this viewpoint, this is how Thaksin, quite authoritarian while in power, was continually considered the embodiment and proof of democracy in Thailand. It is why his calculated political sieges of Bangkok in 2009 and 2010 have often been defined internationally as organic protests of people rising up to demand democracy. It is why Western powers are now angling to disparage the junta for their drift into China’s orbit.
The cartoonist expresses this viewpoint by showing the foreign representatives as the parents of Thanathorn, and thus encouraging the Western reforms they intend for Thailand.
Heartthrob Thanathorn is known as “Daddy” by his supporters who call themselves “Fah.” This is a Thai drama where a young girl named “Fah” called her older lover “Dad” to disguise their relationship.]

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EC at a dead end?

From Daily News, April 15, 2019
On the cars from left to right: EC (Election Commission), Tu (the nickname of PM Prayuth), Palang Phacharath (the main pro-military party that came in second in the number of MPs, but first in the number of overall votes)
On the sign: Seats of Pheu Thai + Future Forward + Democratic groups
From the EC car: We come to a dead end. Please give us options.

[Refers to the Election Commission (EC) who is now facing a difficult situation in calculating party-list MP seats under the new charter. It is thought they are under intense pressure to minimize seats for the Pheu Thai coalition and maximize seats for pro-military parties.]

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Who will be beheaded first?

From Naewna, April 9, 2019
Thanathorn: Should we compete whom will get more charges…
On his guillotine: Article 116
Piyabutr: I think we should change to the new competition on who will be beheaded first…!!!
On his guillotine: Article 112

[Refers to Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn who is facing sedition charges and party’s secretary-general Piyabutr who is facing allegations of contempt of court and violating the Computer Crimes Act.
Most observers see these charges, coming so quickly after the election, as being politically motivated and stemming from Future Forward Party’s election showing which reportedly stunned the junta.
However, this cartoon from the solidly pro-establishment and anti-Thaksin Naewna, relishes the plight of Thanathorn and Piyabutr and their entanglement in legal cases.]

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Songkran cartoon: Cool down!

From Daily News, April 13, 2019
Title: Cooling the whole nation Songkran 2562
On the ballot box at right: EC
Close to the cats: Khoad [name of cartoonist]

[This is one of the political cartoons published on Songkran each year. Amid the hot and intense political situation, the cartoon shows political groups like the junta (middle), Sudarat from the Pheu Thai party and Thanathorn from the Future Forward (at left) splashing water on each other in the Thai traditional style. At right, former Democrat Party leader Abhisit is reduced to playing with his cats after the party’s humiliating defeat at the polls. In the back, people splash water on an Election Commission member carrying a ballot box.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Restrict Abolish Eliminate Thanathorn, April, 2019

From Matichon Weekly, April 19-25, 2019
Main cover reads: Restrict Abolish Eliminate [yellow] 3-step plan

[This uses the combative language the Future Forward Party uses in their campaign slogans (“Stopping, Cleansing, Destroying”) to describe the present legal challenges attacking two of the party leaders.
The new party surprised the political world by gaining the third number of seats in the recent elections. It has joined with the Pheu Thai Party to attempt to form the next government and block the junta from holding on to power.
However, the party’s future is in doubt as party leader Thanathorn is facing sedition charges and party secretary-general Piyabutr likely is likely to face charges for allegedly violating the Computer Act.
On the cover, Thanathorn is making the Hunger Games three-finger salute that has been used to demonstrate resistance to military rule.]

Top: ‘Netiwit’ enhances the stands of ‘new generation’ [white] Refuse with moral thought
[Refers to student activist Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal who recently submitted his extension for compulsory army conscription due to his studies. Netiwit has fought for the end of conscription and called for transparency in the election results currently being prepared by the Election Commission.]

From Lokwannee, April 19-26, 2019
Main cover reads: Next show will be… magical law?

[While the country is waiting for the final election results, it is suspected that the Election Commission will not fairly report the results to help the junta remain in power.
The dinosaur represents the supposed old-fashioned thinking of the military.]

From Manager Weekly, April 12-19, 2019
Main cover reads: Marijuana-lisation

[Refers to a controversial issue of cannabis after agriculturalist Decha Siriphat was charged with illegally possessing marijuana. This led to a movement through the social media calling for Decha to be saved and supporting the use of marijuana for medicine.]

Top: “Uncle Pom” [black] new hair cut as the big brother of [blue] “Eastern Tigers”

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit whose nickname is Pom. He is known as the big brother of influential military group the Eastern Tigers. This group consists of PM Prayut and Deputy PM Anupong as well as other high-ranking military officers. PM Prayuth together with the military men in his government as well as members of the National Council for Peace and Order (the junta) got a traditional-style haircut to pay respects to the King Rama X.]
Bottom left: Rumor on a football love story. [blue] “Messi Jay” secretly dates “Mookda” actress from Channel 7.
[Refers to a rumor about famous soccer Chanathip ‘Jay’ Songkrasin (known as ‘Messi Jay’) dating actress from Channel 7 Mookda ‘Mook’ Narinrak. However, Mookda denied the rumor and insisted about their relationship as just good friends.]

Middle: Harmful life and a return of [green] “the Tiger” [white] with 11 years of sadness

[Refer to Tiger Woods who won his first major title since 2008.]

Right: From a weight of 100 kilograms to half-marathon runner

[Refers to an interview of half-marathon runner Dusit Kaniyow whose weight used to be up to 100 kg, but now he has slimmed down and has turned himself to be a half-marathon runner. Now his goal is to become a full-marathon runner.]

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Two Drugs

From Manager, April 8, 2019
Caption on left: Save for medical drug
Caption on right: Save for political drug

[Refers to a comparison of two public campaigns. One is to save Decha Sirphat, a prominent practitioner of traditional medicine who used marijuana as a medicine to help the poor endure pain.
At right, Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn’s supporters have raised a public campaign to save him from being prosecuted by the police due to sedition charges.
The cartoonist reflects the view of those who oppose Thanathorn’s promised reforms of rewriting the constitution and striking the military from politics. Critics would see these reforms as being part of the pro-Thaksin agenda that also alludes to perhaps ending lese majeste laws since Thanathorn’s politics grew out of the Nitirat group.
These same critics would see Thanathorn’s movement as trading on a trendy Western conception of reform at the expense traditional Thai institutions as well as oversimplifying the reason why the military staged its takeover of politics. This is thought to attract young people dazzled by the photogenic Thanathorn and his calls for democracy. Thus, the contention that Thanathorn’s movement is like a drug.]

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Election Commission Dye Service

From Matichon Weekly, April 5-11, 2019
EC member: Dye in black promptly
On his suite: EC
[We do not quite get the joke of this cartoon, but include it as it utilizes some elements of traditional Thai culture that are slowly fading away.
The cartoon relates to the Election Commission’s controversial performance in the recent election. In the cartoon, the EC official is acting as a mobile dyeing vendor with a heated bucket of dye on the left and a ballot box on the right. He attracts attention to his services with a small handheld drum.
We guess that he is offering to dye ballots black meaning that there are allegations that the EC is rigging ballots in favor of the junta.]

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Weekly News Magazines: What Happened to Joke, April, 2019

From Lokwannee, April 12-19, 2019
Main cover reads: Let’s play together!
On the water gun: Article 116

[Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn is facing a sedition charge (due to violating Article 116) and the party’s secretary-general Piyabutr will face a charge that he violated the Computer Act. When Thanathorn went to the police station to acknowledge the charges, he made the Hunger Games three-finger salute to his supporters. The salute has been used by those opposed to junta rule in Thailand. The image on the cover the military represented as a dinosaur to represent its backwards or old-fashioned nature having to contend with resistance to its rule.]

From Matichon Weekly, April 12-18, 2019
Main cover reads: Lonely in the shadow of ‘Joke’

[Refers to a surprise order to transfer country’s highest-profile policeman Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate ‘Big Joke’ Hakparn to the Royal Thai Police Operation Center with no clear reason given.
A “transfer” like this, moving a figure from a post where they have many men under their command to a post where there are essentially no men under their command (an “inactive post”) is the Thai’s indirect way of firing someone.
Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachate is known for spearheading a crackdown on the notoriously lax immigration rules and ejecting many foreign over-stayers from the country.
He was a rising star in the police who ran big media events to publicize his accomplishments. He also had very close ties with Deputy PM Prawit.
Theories were reported in the Thai-language media about why he was removed from his post. As usual, the English-language media sanitized the coverage for foreigners just saying there was no reported reason for the transfer.
Prominent theories from the Thai-language press included that a cosmetics company owner who was accused of some sort of fraud by Pol. Lt. Joke had top-level connections and was able get him sacked. In this theory the sacking was the final straw as Pol. Lt. Joke’s efforts at immigration reform stepped on the toes of the criminals who ran fraud in department–namely thousands of police officers who were happy to see him go.
Another theory had to do with Pol. Lt. Joke’s links to Thaksin. Pol. Lt. Joke’s father was a police officer who worked for the father of Thaksin’s ex-wife Pojaman. In this theory, it is thought that Pol. Lt. Joke’s stellar rise in the public eye risked his eventual elevation to the head of the Royal Thai Police.
As demonstrated in protests in 2009 and 2010, the Royal Thai Police are key to controlling events on the ground and often seemed to act counter to military wishes as their loyalties are thought to remain with Thaksin.
Thus the military might not have wanted to risk Pol. Lt. Joke rising to control the police.]

Top: Splash water ‘wisdom’ of the northern Songkran to the nationwide Songkran.
[Refers to famous Thai festival Songkran held April 13-15 every year. This festival is very famous and was once more celebrated in the North, particularly Chiang Mai. In the last hundred years, Songkran, along with other regional festivals, have been co-opted to become national festivals that represent the entire country.]

From Manager Weekly, April 12-19, 2019
Main cover reads: One strike! [white] Feeling a thrill of fear to the intestines.

[Another reference to Pol. Lt. Joke who was summarily removed from his post. After the order was effective, his social media accounts – Facebook and Twitter plus the Immigration Bureau Facebook page – were offline and led to people put a hastag seeking him. We do not think the headline is a Thai proverb or idiom but, just used to illustrate the shock of the unexpected order.]
Top: “Big Tu” can continue going [black] good sign from “Pa” Please don’t waste it.
[Refers to the sign from Privy Council president and statesman Prem Tinsulanonda that was thought to support PM Prayuth (whose nickname is “Tu”) to form a government. He commented that the government should be clean and honest.
The headline warns PM Prayuth not to waste the chance if he becomes prime minister.
“Pa” means father. Prem is nicknamed “Pa Prem” to show respect for him as a father.]
Bottom left: “Aum” won’t be patient. Detect the lie “Pok” secretly went hangout!!??
[Refers to the gossipy love story of famous actress Patchrapa “Aum” Chaichua and Thai celebrity Pratarnwong “Pok” Phornprapha. Recently, the couple broke up and people have been intensely curious about why.]

Right: UAE has Man City Qatar has PSG. [black] It’s time for Saudi to invest 3 billion for buying ‘Red Devil’
[Refers to the investment from the Middle East into the world football industry. Currently, Manchester City FC is owned by a UAE businessman similar to the Paris Saint-Germain FC which is owned by a businessman from Qatar. Recently, there was a rumor that Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman plans to takeover famous football team Manchester United, known as ‘Red Devil’ for £3.8 billion. However, he denied the news.]

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Instruct for hatred

From Thairath, April 4, 2019
Title: Go back to the history of Black May
On the chair: Allegation; destroy
On the car: Akkachai Hongkangwan [the name of an activist who was collecting signatures to remove the Election Commission from office; his car was set on fire]
On papers: Remove, EC, Protest [these represent the petitions that were in the car]
On a man’s cap: Ford; On his shirt: Red Road [“Ford Red Road” is the nickname of an anti Election Commission activist]
On his paper: Protest the EC Phi Nooring: Instruct for hatred.
Mouse: Brutal society

[This cartoon seeks to equate events of today to events of the past when hatred was stoked against Continue reading

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Sudarat is finished

From Manager, April 4, 2019
Thaksin: First of all, I would like to thank Noi [nickname of Sudarat] for helping to plow the field until it is finished.

[This refers to the Thai proverb Continue reading

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Giving Prayuth the power

From Manager, April 2, 2019
PM Prayuth: If I get 2 bags of saline drip, then I will have the power to move on.
On saline drip, left: Chart Pattana, Charthaipattana, Democrat, Bhum Jai Thai, Palang Pracharath, Action Coalition for Thailand, New Economics
On saline drip, right: 250 Senates

[The cartoonist notes how PM Prayuth’s chances of remaining PM is bolstered by securing enough seats in the lower house plus votes from the 250 appointed senators. The cartoon makes the point that the system seems to be set up to support the junta’s intention of remaining in power after elections.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Mouse Over Lion, March-April, 2019

From Lokwannee, March 29-April 5, 2019
Main cover reads: Marijuanaism? (Are you ok?) Continue reading

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