Jun 24th, 2015

Blocking out June 24


From Arun, June 24, 2015
On red hanging sign: June
At the top-right corner: “NCPO” [National Council for Peace and Order] doesn’t allow the movement
Stop 24 June
Warning students stop any activities
[Refers to the political activities on the anniversary of the Siamese revolution that took place June 24, 1932 which turned the country from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.]


From Arun, June 24, 2015
On the top: June
Caption: The NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order] doesn’t allow the TSCD to organize the political movement on 24 June.
[Refers to the Thai Student Center For Democracy (TSCD) that conducted activities on the 83rd anniversary of the Siamese revolution.]

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Sending Messages: The arrest of Thaksin loyalist Kamronwit in Japan

Above: The much discussed photo of Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt General Kamronwit Thupkrajang who credited his promotion to Thaksin and had Thaksin pin on his new rank insignia.

News of the arrest of Thaksin loyalist Kamronwit Thoopkrachang in Japan while carrying a handgun and ammunition once again places the Thaksin loyalist in the news.

Kamronwit was former Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau (purged from his post after the 2014 coup) who gained fame by openly acknowledging that he owed his post to personally lobbying Thaksin in Hong Kong.

The arrest has generated waves of rumors about Kamronwit being set up in retaliation for the recent show of defiance by current Chief of Police Somyot Poompanmuang.

Chief of Police Somyot Poompanmuang’s stunning ability to simply reject public calls by the junta to carry out their orders to strip Thaksin of his rank, even after the junta abandoned plans to reorganize the police force, demonstrates the limits of PM Prayuth’s absolute power.

Somyot’s further trumpeting of an old Thaksin favorite–legalization of gambling–in the face of junta opposition further underlines the continuing ability of the police to resist military influence.

In the Thai world messages are sent by employing hyper partisan figures to go after enemies. Kamronwit, an open Thaksin loyalist, has been part of this strategy when he personally assigned 13 police officers to investigate the Democrats in 2012. He was also front and center when assigning an officer accused in the notorious disappearance of human-rights activist Somchai Neelaphaijit during Thaksin’s time as PM to make the arrest in the Akeyuth murder case.

Even if one believes Akeyuth’s disappearance and murder was not connected to politics, the very strategic assignment of a notorious and connected police officer to the case was intended to send a message. The message was that the incident was retaliation and that the investigation would be quickly closed. It was meant to underline the impunity of the police (and those who control them) and create a climate of fear among those opposing Thaksin.

Kamronwit’s arrest in Japan is most likely a fluke unrelated to any conspiracies against him. However, to some who see the incident as a message being sent, it is a strike at high-profile people who are loyal to Thaksin and a warning to those who oppose the new military order that they can be sidelined.

Update: Jail term awaits Kamronwit in Thailand

2Bangkok.com Editor Ron Morris’ book, The Thai Book: A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, is available in the Kindle Store.

Below are some past mentions of Kamronwit in the media. His admission that Thaksin decided government promotions from Hong Kong made him a perennial target for editorial cartoonists.

Above: From Manager, January 1, 2014
Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, Pol. Maj. Gen. Kamronwit Thoopkrachang: A third hand shot a policeman and other protesters.
[A “third hand” means the third party. This refers to the clash between riot police and protesters at the Thai-Japanese stadium on December 26, 2013. Anti-government protesters were gathering to prevent candidates registering for the upcoming elections.
This cartoon expresses skepticism that the shootings that occurred there were not carried out by the police themselves. The police later seemed to confirm that the “men in black” photographed on a rooftop were indeed police officers. This incident is similar to the army snipers who shot at Red Shirts trying to continue on their protest in a temple in 2010. It demonstrates that both the police and the army are political entities that side with one side or another in the interest of protecting their status and prerogatives.]

2014: Thaksin’s Songkran message: Let’s forgive and forget
…While in Hong Kong, Thaksin is expected to meet with several former Pheu Thai Party MPs and other supporters.
He has already met with Metropolitan Police Bureau chief Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, who has drawn criticism for his outspoken admiration of Thaksin.

2014: Thai police reshuffle confirms Thaksin Shinawatra’s inner circle retain a firm grip on key posts
…Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) commissioner Kamronwit Thoopkrachang was given the nod from Thaksin to compile the reshuffle list himself, a police source said.
Despite strong reservations from politicians, Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit’s line-up appeared to have taken place without a hitch. It is believed he keeps in direct contact with Thaksin…

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – If the amnesty bill is ratified… the person in Dubai must hang this sign

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – Adul and Thaksin

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – The Ombudsman
[This refers to the double standards that pro-Thaksin and Red Shirts complain about. The Ombudsman is going after a police officer who openly lobbied Thaksin for his post while ignoring Democrat antics in parliament.]

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – The Royal Thai Police Chief must warn Jaed

2013: Govt sends a signal – Officer accused in disappearance of human-rights activist Somchai brought in to make arrest in the Akeyuth case

2013: Do police in charge of Akeyuth investigation really owe allegiance to Thaksin?

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – Weird Logic
…Reference is to a giant Chinese firecracker thrown at the security post of the Thai Rath newspaper office at the middle of the night on May 11. After a preliminary investigation, Pol. Lt. Gen. Kamronvit Thoopkrachang, Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, told the press that it was likely that the unknown suspects aimed to mislead the public to believe the incident was caused by Red Shirts in vengeance of the cartoonist’s hate speech against Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra following her speech in Mongolia last month. Since there was no evidence in any direction other than constant protests by angry Red Shirts over previous weeks, it seemed unusual that the police would not then assume some of the Red Shirts were involved as a likely suspect…

2013: Thai editorial cartoon – Good news brothers…

2012: Thai editorial cartoon – They Know They Owe Their Jobs to Thaksin

2012: Thaksin’s Police Chief assigns 13 cops to investigate top Democrats

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Oh! He’s like a god!

From Manager, June 11, 2015
Prayuth: I allow you to have 90 days to live… after you die… I will judge who will be in the heaven… and who will be in the hell!!
Sign behind the men at far left: NRC [National Reform Committee which has 90 days to complete its drafting of the referendum rules and procedures. After this process is complete the NRC’s tenure will be over.]
Sign in the heavens: National Reform Committee
Sign in hell: Laid off
Caption: Oh! He’s like a god!

[The cartoon compares Prayuth as a god who can decide people’s fate. The members of the the National Reform Committee (NRC) were selected by the National Council on Peace and Order (NCPO) led by PM Prayuth. Thus, the NRC and its activities are absolutely controlled by the NCPO and the junta government.]

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Anniversary of the End of the Absolute Monarchy in Thailand

“Siam Tries a People’s Party, 1932″

Photos From the Last Days of the Absolute Monarchy in the 1930s

The first coup and the last absolute king

From 1932: New Asia dictates the future of the world

Bangkok skyline in 1932

And a rare editorial cartoon from 2012 referencing the date: Elite Red Shirts Bring Back a Royal Figure

This year: No political activities to mark anniversary, police chief warns
…Supakorn also said both the military and police were explaining to local people they should think of the June 24, 1932 revolt in a positive light and not use it as an excuse to demonstrate because it could disturb law and order.
In a related development, Pongkwan Sawasdipak and few other academics, including Somrit Luechai, symbolicallycleaned the “plaque of democracy” at the Royal Plaza ahead of the anniversary.
“We cannot deny that the 1932 incident was a stepping stone towards the development of democracy in this country,” said political scientist from Thammasat University Pongkwan Sawasdipak…

This year: Activists gather to commemorate 1932 revolution
…The activity started out with activists and political observers arranging flowers for adorning the Memorial Peg of Siamese Revolution of 1932 near King Rama V’s monument to pay tribute to the promoters of Siamese revolution for bringing democracy to the country
…Among the participants were prominent political activists like Phra Maha Praiwan, Sirawit New Serithiwat, and Champ who were arrested last year for reading George Orwell’s 1984…

This year: Govt denies that new flag raising marks the 1932 revolution
…Renu Tunkachivangoon, deputy secretary-general to the prime minister for political affairs, denied that the flag-raising ceremony started at Government House today to mark the 83rd anniversary of the Siam Revolution of June 24, 1932 which brought democracy to the country. She said that the flagpole was just built and tested, so its use normally started today.

This year: ‘Magnificent Seven’ Dao Din students activists show up at Pathumwan station
…During the rally in front of the Pathumwan Police station Wednesday, Rangsiman Rome, read a statement before the police station.
In the statement, he said the seven students refused to acknowledge the charges against them and other student activists.
The seven said they showed up at the station to provide moral support to the group of nine students who are wanted by the Pathumwan police station…

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Photos From the Last Days of the Absolute Monarchy in the 1930s

Photos From the Last Days of the Absolute Monarchy in the 1930s

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Do you want him to extend his stay?


From Manager, June 9, 2015
Prayuth: If you want me to extend my stay… you’d better beg on your knees… Maybe I will accept it.
On the lady’s shirt: Thai people
Caption: Although he seems arrogant… she knows that she doesn’t have much choice.

[In the window are Thaksin and his Red Shirt supporters who have promised various forms of reform and revolution once Thaksin is allowed to return.
The cartoon implies that although Thai people do not like the junta government–particularly the increasingly arrogant Prayuth–the only other choice is to risk another return of Thaksin to power.]

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Can’t touch him!


From Thairath, June 5, 2015
Title: Catch me… if you can
Above the weapons: Stripping rank; revoke passports; file charges
Phi Nooring: Trying a lot of attempts
A mouse: Hunting around the world
[Refers to attempts to punish Thaksin for his statements made overseas as well as his continued leadership of Thailand’s most popular political block.]

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Govt: No idea when Thailand can comply with international aviation standard–and there’s no plan for it either

Prajin: No idea when DCA able to meet ICAO safety standards – Bangkok Post, June 22, 2015
…After meeting with concerned authorities on solutions to the ICAO’s “significant safety concerns” Monday evening, ACM Prajin said the DCA still didn’t have a plan on how to address the issues raised by the UN regulatory body.
He said he ordered the department to figure it out by Thursday…

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2011 election posters: Changing the Diapers of Politics


Memorable posters from the 2011 election

Chuwit will change the diapers of politics
How can the people become happy?

Anti-Pheu Thai poster from the Democrats: “I will work for the people, but will not work for any specific man”
But also: Move forward with the populist policy
And finally: Strange Democrat Election Poster

Pheu Thai
Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai takes action

Bhumjaithai Party: Populist Policy Makes Happy Society

Thaksin = Abhisit
Vote No!
PAD Lizard
“Don’t let these animals into parliament!”

And the result:
Thai exit polls signal Red Shirt landslide
and Shinawatras Pull Off Another Political Magic Act

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Thaksin speaks

From Komchadluek, June 3, 2015
Top left: Elite bureaucrats are behind the plan to overthrow me. I know it.
Bottom left: We must have kindness to move forward.
Top right: How will the country be reconciled if I’m still persecuted?
Bottom right: I’m politically persecuted.
[Thaksin has frequently criticized the Thai government on the international stage in an apparent attempt to return to the country.]

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McDonalds in Thailand


Somsak faces the
same accusation


End of the Absolute Monarchy


Nancy Chandler 1938-2015


How many died in Thai drug purges?


Changing the Diapers of Politics


The arrest of Kamronwit in Japan


Junta gives up on reform of the police


5 Years Ago: Thaksin kids withdraw billions


Dig happiness out of the poor

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11 Years ago: Thaksin turns state assets into crony wealth

Thaksin turns state assets into crony wealth

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Weekly News Magazines, June 12-19, 2015

nationweekend_12 June

From Nation Weekend, 12 June 2015
Main cover reads:  Stay longer

[PM Prayuth recently said that he would willing to delay the national election in order to complete the reform process. He also agreed to stay in power for two more year if the public wants it.]

manager13-19 june

From Manager Weekly 13-19 June 2015
Main cover reads: If staying in the power more years, don’t forget to ‘strip the rank.’

[Recently, PM Prayuth said that he would be in power two years if people demand it. On the cover, it also calls for the PM to strip Thaksin’s political rank after the government revoked all of Thaksin’s passport.]

matichon12-18 june

From Matichon Weekly, 12-18 July 2015
Main cover reads:  Open KALA Referendum

[In Thai, kala is a coconut’s shell. This means to crack open the draft constitution process to allow the public a referendum on the charter.]

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46 Years Ago: Groovy Bangkok

Groovy Bangkok 1969

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11 Years Ago: The Death of Democracy’s Bitterest Foe

The Death of Thanom

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Kick Thaksin’s Dog

From Manager, May 28, 2015
Dog, representing Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul: If I come back, I will bring the passport back to Thaksin!!
A man with black hair: Kamin… I feel very itchy. I want to kick it once.
A man with brown hair: You can’t do that, Bancha… it will violate the animal cruelty act.
A caption: Yesterday, this dog almost made us get caught. [for kicking a dog]

[Bancha and Kamin are the cartoon representations of ASTV Manager’s cartoonists. Here the characters refer to a Thai saying about one’s foot being itchy–meaning you “want to kick someone’s ass.”
They want to kick Thaksin’s cousin, former Foreign Minister Surapong Tovichakchaikul. Surapong quietly returned Thaksin’s passport to him when he was FM. He is often portrayed as a dog in cartoons for his loyalty to Thaksin.
In May, after Thaksin criticized the Privy Council for his ouster, the junta vowed to revoke his Thai passports. Surapong immediately countered by saying that he would return the passports to Thaksin if the Pheu Thai Party was part of the next government.
Such open vows by Thaksin family members to use the power of the government to support the former premier, even in the face of his anti-monarchy statements, infuriates Thaksin foes. They can hardly believe that Thaksin still can wield such influence after a decade of moves to sideline him.]

More about Thaksin’s cousin Surapong: Don’t Worry Thaksin! Pheu Thai Vows to Return Passport Once It Forms New Government

And one of the all-time best stories about the secret after-hour moves to create a new passport for Thaksin: The Democrats reveal that Pheu Thai govt secretly issued Thaksin a new passport

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Which family is taking over Koh Chang Island?


From a social media image by Chuwit:
The power of ‘jaosua’ [jaosua is a rich Chinese man]
Forest-[money]laundry gang corruption and taking over the island
Source of funds: Jaosua ‘Th’ a family which dominates the country → Jaosua ‘J’ → Nominee known as ‘P’ → SK1 → A process of making an illegal SK – Adding SK: don’t have it, then make it have-Flying SK: transfer from one place to another-extending SK: have a few and make it become more →title deed

[This is a cryptic flow chart from Chuwit Kamolvisit, businessman and a controversial politician, on how wealthy groups are taking over Koh Chang island in Trat province in order to develop it as a famous tourist island like Samui island. He does not mention the specific names of person involved and instead provides clues to their names. SK 1 is evidence to show about owning the land.]

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Junta gives up on the reform of the Thai police

From Manager, May 26, 2015
PM Prayuth: Due to your bravery… I’m impressed and can’t hold my tears… zig… zig… [sound of crying] I can’t reform you… heu… heu… [sound of crying]
On the building in the background: Gambling house-brothel
On a pink sign: Sex massages
Caption: Maybe because of this policeman helping… [Refers to the widely reported human interest story of a police officer carrying an elderly person on his back to assist him.]

[This cartoon invokes sarcasm to comment on news that the junta suddenly reversed its position and will not reorganize the Royal Thai Police (Junta reverses course: No reform of the Royal Thai Police).
The cartoonist jokes that the news of an officer carrying an elderly person on his back somehow overshadows the institutionalized corruption of the police as they manage and organize illegal activities like gambling dens and massage parlors.]

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Use your brain to create the constitution


From Thairath, May 28, 2015
Title: You said most Thai people use only a little of their brain. Thus, you guys please use a lot of your brain.
Constitution Drafting Committee Chairman Bowornsak Uwanno: Use for 100 years without being terminated [meaning that the men are thinking of ways to preserve military power for a very long time]
On his tie: NRC
A sign close to him: Constitution Drafting Committee
PM Prayuth at right: Use for 100 years without termination
On the constitution in the middle: Reform version
Mouse man Phi Nooring: Think carefully
Mouse: Solve the problem as people wish
[Refers to the draft constitution reated by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) chaired by Bowornsak Uwanno. The cartoon illustrates the concern over the draft constitution which has been criticized by various groups. Most of the CDC members comes from the National Reform Council (NRC), the junta.]

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The road narrows for Thaksin and company

All roads lead to entrenched military rule – Bangkok Post, June 16, 2015
…It’s obvious the former army chief is acting with ulterior motives alongside every move implemented in the roadmap.
There is the draft charter versus a general election. People who stand in opposition to the coup camp have called for a referendum to be held on the draft constitution. Now they have found themselves in a quandary.
Reject the draft charter, which is seen as an attempt to enshrine a “guided democracy” doctrine, and they will probably not see a new poll in two years — even longer if the drafting process keeps on going.
Meanwhile if they approve it, with the hope that the highest law can still be amended one day, the results will still be the same…

Interestingly, on the same day, an opinion piece in the New York Times completely misses what is going on in Thailand (The Contrecoup in Thailand), oddly assuming that a “no” vote on the charter would show that Prayuth and the junta are discredited and should step down (rather than seeing the referendum, whatever the outcome, as a delaying tactic itself):
…This is a dangerous game. For one thing, Thais might vote down the constitution in a referendum. The only other time such a plebiscite was held was in 2007; the people have seen what little good came from their voting yes then; and the current draft is even less democratic than that one was. A no vote would be a severe rebuke for the junta, an indictment of its coup and a major loss of legitimacy — reason enough for General Prayuth to step down…

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5 Years Ago: During Red Shirt rally, Thaksin children withdraw more than 10 billion baht

Rally billions uncovered
…Thaksin’s family members withdrew large sums from their accounts from April 28, when the anti-government United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) rally intensified after soldiers fired on protesters on the outskirts of Bangkok.
Some 4.23 billion baht was withdrawn from the bank accounts of Thaksin’s son Panthongtae and 6.63 billion baht from the accounts of his daughter Pinthongta starting from April 28.
About 4.56 billion baht was also withdrawn from the accounts of Thaksin’s brother-in-law, Bannapot Damapong.
About 140 million baht was withdrawn from the accounts of Thaksin’s younger sister, Yingluck, on April 28…

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10 Years Ago: Thaksin makes an appeal for patriotism

PM makes appeal for patriotism
…The prime minister, who admitted to being exhausted by the task ahead of him, said that he, nonetheless, has no problems with his rivals as long as they are acting for the national good.

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Students’ radical solution for lack of signage for public van transport–put up signs!


Mapping travel paths – Thai Vans tackle the problem of Victory Monument’s zero signage – Bangkok Post, June 15, 2015
Finding the right van to your destination from Victory Monument — home to the biggest fleet of commuter vans in the country — used to be no easy task. There are more than 170 routes offered by the hundreds of vans sitting at seven different service points at the roundabout, but there is zero signage. Frequent commuters may have mastered their ways around the slipshod management, but first-timers often end up going round in circles and foreign tourists simply lost in translation…

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Whichever side he takes, Somsak faces the same accusation

From Manager, May 25, 2015
Red Shirt leaders are bowing to Thaksin who sits on a throne in the style of northern royal figures of the past. Red Shirt dogma casts Thaksin as a reincarnation of a royal figure from the north.
Nattawut: This man is committing lese majeste.
Jatuporn: How dare you insult!!
Weng: This guy thinks about overthrowing the royal family. [all of this referring to Thaksin]
The man with glasses walking away: Somsak Jeamteerasakul
Lady on the right: Thida Thavornseth
Caption: Whichever side he takes, Somsak has to face the same accusation.

[Somsak Jeamteerasakul is an academic who has fearlessly analyzed and critiqued Thai society, including its monarchy. He also has not confined his criticism to the monarchy, but has dared to publicly rebuke Thaksin as well.

Recently, in comments made in South Korea, Thaksin stated that the coup was ordered by the Privy Council. These statements were timed to be made on the day that Yingluck faced legal charges. The comments were Thaksin’s way of once again showing that he would strike back by violating taboos and openly challenging the monarchy if the junta dared to cross him by charging Yingluck.

Somsak immediately rebuked Thaksin, contending that the Pheu Thai Party had carte blanche to rule and spend as it wanted and it was only Thaksin’s order to push amnesty for himself that led to a coup. This cartoon illustrates that Somsak, who lives in exile to escape lese majeste charges, is also an exile from the Red Shirt movement that will not brook criticism of its leader.

In the Thai world, committing lese majeste is not principally seen as a free speech issue, but as an attempt by a proud or ambitious individual to break free of the “natural” hierarchy of society. This idea is that every person first judges the rank of those he deals with, and judging by their status, he knows the rules and conventions by which he might interact. Such an idea is the complete opposite of the Western conception that all are equal and wish to be treated equally.

So this cartoon suggests to the Thai reader that Somsak, thought to be trying to escape the hierarchy of the Thai world by critiquing the monarchy, cannot escape from hierarchical society even by being a Red Shirt, because the Red Shirts are also part of a hierarchy led by Thaksin.]

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This is the way to bring people in to discuss the building of understanding


From Thairath, May 26, 2015
Title: This is the way to bring people in to discuss the building of understanding
On the man’s shirt: Student
Phi Nooring: Only organizing the anniversary activity
A mouse: Coup d’état 22 May 57 [2014]
[Refers to incidents when the police aggressively detained student protesters who tried to organize peaceful activities to mark the anniversary of the military coup.]

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4 Years Ago: “Corruption Giant” Billboard

4 Years Ago: Corruption Giant Billboard

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Nine Years Ago: Prime Minister using lawsuits to silence criticism

Acting prime minister files more criminal and civil defamation suits

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11 Years Ago: Siam Square in 1992 and 2004

Siam Square in 1992 and 2004

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Strange case of the condo & shopping center being built at the foot of Shwedagon Pagoda

ScreenShot001 (2)
(Source: Dagon 1 website image)

Project website and video
Imagine a Reality Where the Skyline Blends with Innate Spirituality;
This is Dagon City 1, where luxury, opportunity and international living coexist with absolute tranquility exclusive to Yangon.

Ma Ba Tha Threatens Nationwide Protests Against Shwedagon Highrise Projects – The Irrawaddy, June 12, 2015
Leading members of the Buddhist nationalist organization Ma Ba Tha have entered the fray in the debate over five controversial construction projects near Shwedagon Pagoda, threatening nationwide protests if the government refuses to cancel the developments…

Saving the Spirit of Shwedagon – The Irrawaddy, May 19, 2015

Dagon City ‘Will Resume’, Amid Calls for Planning Overhaul – The Irrawaddy, February 13, 2015
…“I can’t think of anything more important to heritage conservation in Yangon [Rangoon] than the protection of Shwedagon and views of Shwedagon, For millions of people, it’s a priceless asset. With so much unused land in Yangon and so many other potential sites for medium and high-rise developments, I really don’t see why there should be any development, especially one that would be over 62 feet, within the Shwedagon area,” Thant Myint-U said…

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Weekly News Magazines, June 4-12, 2015

nationweeken_5 june 2015

From Nation Weekend, June 5, 2015
Main cover reads:  The secret of Rohingya. Pinch the nails and the body’s hurt.
A man on a cover: Deputy Defense Minister Udomdej Sitabutr

[Refers to Thai proverb “pinch the nails and then the body’s hurt” meaning doing something that affects another. Recently, a senior Royal Thai military adviser, Lt Gen Manus Kongpan, was arrested for smuggling Rohingya migrants. This hurts the image of the military and the junta government.]

manager_6-12 june 2015

From Manager Weekly, June 6-12, 2015
Main cover reads: What’s the problem with striping his rank. Why don’t strip? [the photo is of Thaksin as a police cadet]

[Refers to a call for striping Thaksin’s political rank. Recently, the junta government revoked all Thaksin’s passports. However, once the call was made to strip his rank, it hit a wall of bureaucracy.]

Matichon 4-10 june 2015

From Matichon Weekly, 4-10 June 2015
Main cover reads: Transformer Democracy

[Refers to the junta government led by PM Prayuth who has promised to reform the country before bring it back to democracy. However, the draft constitution is suspected as being a tool for maintaining the prerogatives of the old powers and many think it may not be in compliance with the democratic standards.]

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