Feb 22nd, 2018

Weekly News Magazines: The Junta Struggles, February, 2018

From Siamrath Weekly Review, February 10-15, 2018
Main cover reads: Eager to [red] fight [white] and struggle
[This mocks the current situation of the junta led by PM Prayuth (pictured). The junta is facing criticism on many fronts including breaking their promise to have elections this year. The background of the cover is the annual political satire parade during the football match between Chulalongkorn and Thammasat Universities. The political parade is a highlight of the game and always receives attention from the public as students create satirical political floats. This year, police were ordered to make sure that no posters or placards attacking the military junta were shown in the parade.]

From Matichon Weekly, February 10-15, 2018
Main cover picture: 10 Feb Valentine’s Day. Love me, love my Deputy PM, too.
[Refers to PM Prayuth’s statement calling on the public to love Deputy PM Prawit after Prawit has come under pressure from the public to resigning due to a scandal over the source of his wealth.]
Top: Super ‘hunter’ Premchai Karnasuta is facing the mystery of Thunyai Naresuan
[Refers to construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta who was arrested for allegedly hunting wildlife, including a black panther, in the World Heritage Thunyai Naresuan sanctuary. The public criticized his heartless actions.]

From Manager Weekly, February 10-16, 2018
Main cover reads: There are people, tree and wildlife
[Refers to construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta (pictured) who was arrested for allegedly hunting wildlife in the World Heritage Thunyai Naresuan sanctuary. This headline comes from a song from the popular rock band Carabao. The song urges people to balance their life with nature and the love the nature.]
Top left: [yellow] Mor Sang effect: traditional doctor… last hope for cancer patients [white] the challenge for Thai health agencies
[Refers to Mr Sangchai Haelerttrakul (pictured), known as Mor Sang, gives free herbal medicines to cancer patients and relatives of terminally-ill cancer patients. His medicine has been claimed to be able to cure cancer. However, the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine is now conducting Laboratory tests on Mor Sang’s herbal medicines to determine their efficacy in the treatment of cancer. The result is expected to be announced in March. “Mor” in Thai means “doctor.”]
Top right: Disclose the close relationship – ‘Big Aod-tycoon Kampol’ explains the ‘Borrow-friend model’ and the famous saying “I like to do a stock investment. Being a police officer was my sideline job.”
Men in the picture from left to right: former national Police Chief Somyot Poompunmuang and Kampol Wirathepsuporn
[Refers to former Police Chief Somyot Poompunmuang who admitted that he is a close friend with the fugitive owner of the Victoria’s Secret Massage brothel, Kampol Wirathepsuporn. He said that he borrowed money from Kampol several times due to his stock investments.
His remarks came amid reports that the ongoing investigation into the financial transactions of the massage parlor showed Kampol was close to a former senior police officer who was indebted to him for about 300 million baht.
However, Pol. Gen. Somyot, whose nickname is Aod, insisted that his borrowing did not violate the law and he had already reported it to the National Anti-Corruption Commission. He also said that he was a businessman who liked to invest in the stock market while being a police officer was his sideline job. His saying has caused public disappointment as it paints top police officers again as have shading and unclear deals with alleged law breakers and then causally dismissing the impropriety.
This headline mimics his case of Deputy PM Prawit’s luxury watches. Deputy PM Prawit insisted that the watches did not belong to him, but were borrowed from his friend in a similar way Pol Gen. Somyot’s borrowed money from the massage parlor tycoon.]
Bottom left: I must be with you. [green] Having “Nong Tu” must have “Pee Poom” [white] couple-package promotion which Thai people have no chance to choose.
[In Thai, the word “Pee” means elder brother/sister while “Nong” means younger brother/sister.
This headline refers to the close relationship between Deputy PM Prawit (whose nickname is Pom) and PM Prayuth (whose nickname is Tu).
In a normal government, Deputy PM Prawit would have to step down due to his many scandals. However, the present government seized power and holds power essentially by force of arms. Prawit is one of the most powerful persons in the military (perhaps the most powerful) and thus it is not possible to oust him from his post no matter what the scandal.
PM Prayuth has said that, if the people love him, they should please try to love Deputy PM Prawit as well because, without the full team, the junta cannot move forward with their task to return glory to the country.]
Bottom-right: It’s ok to be hurt if doing tattoo with her. [yellow] “Fonmini”[white]# sexy tattoo maker in 2018
[Refers to Naphatsanan ‘Fon’ Samatha, the popular owner of the tattoo shop ‘4X4 Tattoo.’ Her story has been shared via social media concerning her sexy looks and her work. “Fonmini” refers to her nickname “Fon” and “mini” is a small-size girl.]

From Lokwannee, February 10-15, 2018
Main cover reads: It’s time for… “declining”
Dog: This year is an unlucky year…
[Refers to the decline of the junta after facing several challenges.
The cover, illustrates that this year of dog is a bad year for the junta as they facing the decline of their popularity. This pushes back against several reports in the media saying that the year of the dog will be a luckier time for Thailand.
The dog looks a like the tiger likely to refer to the Eastern Tiger military clique that now holds all political power in the nation.
The dog-tiger wears a black panther cap to symbolize the case of construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta who was arrested for allegedly hunting wildlife, including a black panther in the World Heritage Thunyai Naresuan sanctuary.
Premchai’s company has close ties with the junta as it carries out large projects for the government.
Wearing the panther cap likely means that military rule is as dead as the black panter Premchai shot.]

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I did nothing wrong… I borrowed it from my friend.

From Thairath, January 27, 2018
Title: I did nothing wrong… I borrowed it from my friend.
Phi Nooring: Setting the new standard.
Mouse: Telling a lie to survive.
On the left side is the credit of who gave the cartoonist the idea for the cartoon. It reads “Idea of the cartoon: former teacher”

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit’s luxury watch scandal. The title is ridicules Prawit’s excuse as to how he obtained expensive watches well beyond anything a career military man could afford: “I did nothing wrong… I borrowed it from my friend.”
The cartoonist pictures this excuse coming from a thief being chased by police.]

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They are trying to scare the people

From Thairath, January 26, 2018
Title: Please don’t be scared.
On the paper: Project on the public’s participation to solve and develop the southern provinces
Words along right side of the paper: Korportor [Korportorsuanna]
On man’s suit at top of paper: SBPAC [Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center]
On the suit of the man with glasses: Special representative from the government
On person at left: People
On person at bottom: the public sector
On the bomb blast: Bomb in Yala
On the black below: Create chaos in the south
Phi Nooring: Gooding a good people, people will not afraid.
Mouse: Bombing for money [refers to the belief that those carrying out the bombing a usually young men paid by other unknown parties to stir up trouble]

[Refers to the attempt to solve the violence in the southernmost provinces in Thailand led by the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center and the Korportorsuanna (organization that encourages public participation to solve the problems of the Thai deep south).
A recent bombing at a market in Yala shocked the south as it raised fears that militants might attempt to target areas to kill larger numbers of people at once.]

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A long walk with an intervention of devils

From Thairath, January 25, 2018
Title: A long walk with an intervention of devils
On the flag: We walk, Mittraphap walk
Phi Nooring: Walk for the future
Mouse: Just walking, but feeling afraid.
On the crocodiles from left to right: Threaten and intimidate; Violate human rights and freedom; Serve the dictator

[Refers to a marching campaign ‘Mitraphap walk’ organized by the civil group “The People Go Network.” The group started walking from Bangkok to Mitraphap Road in Khon Kaen province to call on the junta for decentralization and to pay attention to civil issues. Khon Kaen was chosen as the destination because the route “Mitraphap” leading to the province means “friendship” in Thai. However, the march was forcibly stopped by police before it could begin.]

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What the year of the dog returns

From Stephff, The Nation, February 16, 2018

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Express condolences to beloved cartoonist Tom

From Thairath, January 24, 2018
Express condolences to beloved cartoonist ‘Tom’
On the cartoon book: Kai Hua Ror
Phi Nooring: RIP!
Mouse: Passed away and made people love

[Refers to the passing of Tom, the cartoonist of the ‘Kai Hua Ror’ series due to cancer. The mouse’s saying is normally used to tell people to do good things so, when they die, people will recognize and miss them. The chicken is one of his famous cartoon characters.]

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11 years ago: Thai police to be reformed, Traffic police could face charges of extortion

Thai police to be reformed, Traffic police could face charges of extortion

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Prawit and his watches need privacy

From Manager, January 24, 2018
On the book: Corruption law
PM Prayuth: On his hand… it is about his privacy.
Man: Under his feet… it is about the public.

[Deputy PM Prawit is facing the pressure to resign after photos showing him wearing luxury watches were circulated in the press and on social media.
Since seizing power, the junta has vowed to get rid of corruption and insisted that the military is superior to elected politicians.
However, the junta has been criticized for protecting members suspected of corruption, particularly in this case.
PM Prayuth insisted that the luxury watch issue does not violate corruption laws as it regards Prawit’s private assets not related to politics.
The man at right is the cartoonist’s character protesting PM Prayuth’s attempt at defending Prawit.]

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Weekly News Magazines: Choose me or back to the same, February, 2018

From Matichon Weekly, February 2-8, 2018
Main cover picture: Will you choose ‘me’ or back to the same?
[Refers to junta’s announcement that the election will not take place this year as earlier promised. After being strongly criticized for this, PM Prayuth (pictured) asked the public whether they will choose him to reform the country or go back to the same place where the politicians destroy the country.]
Left side: EU ambassador insists that the election in Nov 61 [2018] is the commitment to the public.
[Refers to Pirkka Tapiola, Ambassador of the European Union to Thailand, who insisted that Thailand must have elections within this year as this was the junta’s promise. He also called on the junta to permit freedom of expression in politics.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, February 2-8, 2018
Main cover reads: Be careful [in] 2561 [2018] to repeat 2516 [1973]
On the phone: Time ends.
[Refers to pro-election groups who call on the junta to keep their promise to have elections this year. This cover shows concern that if the junta delays election, it may cause a protest like what happened in 1973. This bloody uprising by people and students deposed the military dictatorship of Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn.]

From Manager Weekly, February 3-9, 2018
Main cover reads: This is Thai values.
[Refers to the famous Thai girl group BNK48 which is a franchise from Japanese girl group AKB48. This cover jokes with the junta’s policy of “Thai values.” This policy has been criticized as a junta populist policy to gain support for a military party in the next elections. Here the cover seems to joke that real Thai values are about pretty girls. Another interpretation is that the junta should focus on real Thai values like pretty girls instead of concentrating on extending their power into the future.]
Top: “Risking to death cookies” [black] Explore the options for Pa Pom to step down peacefully. Wasting time may make the whole group die.
[This also refers to the Thai girl group BNK48. Their hit song at present is “Koisuru Fortune Cookie.” There are several parody version that change the lyric to joke about the political situation.
The article discusses several options for Deputy PM Prawit (pictured, nicknamed “Pa Pom”) to step down after facing scandal over his apparent possession of luxury watches. His scandals caused intense negative impact for the junta. The article notes that if the Prawit issue is not addressed, it could bring down the whole junta.]
Bottom left: Case of the PAD slaps the face of NACC. The police defeated and had to pay compensation, but why ‘Pod’ survives.
[Refers to the People’s Alliance for Democracy’s (PAD) case which won in the courts over police using violence to disperse PAD protesters blockading parliament in 2008. This article raises the question that if the police were ruled against, former police chief Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan (pictured, nicknames “Pod”) who was in charge at that time should be charged as well.
However, Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan is the elder brother of Deputy PM Prawit, so it is unlikely that the law can touch him.
This case shows the close relationship between National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) president Pol. General Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit (pictured) and Deputy PM Prawit.
The junta controversially changed the law to enable the term of Pol. General Watcharapol (and others) to be extended in contravention of all normal standards for retirement for committee members. This led to allegations that the military was making sure a crony was in charge of the several investigations that might impact junta figures or their family members.]
Bottom right: Indian series explore Thai market. “JKN” has a plan for Bollywood
[Refers to JKN Global Media planning to bring Bollywood movies to Thai audiences after the success of an Indian series in the Thai market.]

From Lokwannee, February 3-9, 2018
Main cover reads: This one… doesn’t need to borrow from a friend.
[Refers to pro-election group MBK39. Recently, the group held a pro-election rally in front of the famous shopping mall MBK. Although some of the members were accused of violating the junta’s ban against political gatherings of five or more people, as well as the public assembly bill, the group still continued the rally to demand the junta to keep their promise to have elections this year.
“Doesn’t need to borrow from a friend” mimics the famous saying of Deputy PM Prawit. Prawit insisted that the expensive luxury watches he wore were not his and were only borrowed from friends. We think the saying on the cover means something like, “the arrested protesters did not have to borrow their “jewelry (the handcuffs) from a friend.”]

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Final blow

From Manager, January 23, 2018
Left, Deputy PM Prawit: Auy… Help me…
Right, a quote from Thai economist Pridiyathorn ‘Auy’ Devakula stabbing Prawit: “You should resign before the PM will be destroyed, too.”

[Refers to Thai economist Pridiyathorn ‘Auy’ Devakula who recently suggested that Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan resign before bringing the PM into trouble, too.
Deputy PM Prawit has been pressured by the public to resign due to photos of him wearing luxury watches that would seem beyond what a military man should be able to afford.]

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Wrong purse

From Manager, January 22, 2018
Man: I’m Dr. Charnvit. I would like to confirm that this bag was neatly made and is as beautiful as a million-baht Hermes bag. This bag made me lose my face.
On the sign in the background: 904 Shop
Caption: This Dr. should be hired to sell bags.

[Refers to well-known former professor Dr. Charnvit Kasetsiri who faces criticism for misidentifying the purse of PM Prayuth’s wife Naraporn Chan-ocha. She carried it during a visit to the White House and Dr. Charnvit criticized her for carrying a luxury purse that would be many times what a military wife could afford to own.
However, it turns out that the purse was not a luxury item, but was an inexpensive item brought from the royal project shop called ‘904 shop.’
This caused embarrassment to Dr. Charnvit (“loss of face” or “broken face”) and was a lucky break for a junta beset with scandal over luxury watches worn by Deputy PM Prawit.]

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Don’t fire the “senior”

From Manager, January 17, 2018
Deputy PM Prawit sings: Brother is indebted to me…
Caption: every time I hear this song… I always feel hesitate.

[The apparent undeclared wealth of Deputy PM Prawit as evidenced in the many expensive watches he was been seen wearing has dragged down the popularity of the junta as it is trying to prepare to contest the next election.
“Pee ni me boon kun an yai luang” is part of a song.
Here, Prawit, a “senior” of PM Prayuth in the military, is calling on this obligation of seniority and power to stop PM Prayuth from firing him from his cabinet post.]

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41th anniversary of Matichon

From Arun, January 09, 2018
On boat: Matichon
On flag: Matichon steps into year 41 [meaning something like “41th anniversary of Matichon”]

[This celebrates the 41th anniversary of major Thai newspaper Matichon.]

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End of the Politician

From Arun, January 19, 2018
Inside box at the top: Arun Watcharasawad [artist of this cartoon]
On the gallows: Constitution
On a prisoner’s shirt: Politician

[Refers the new constitution under the junta that severely restricts politicians form wielding real power. Even the Democrat Party, which seemed to relish taking advantage of political upheavals to rule afterwards, has become alarmed at this prospect and has begun to attack the junta.
This cartoon also likely alludes to the prospect of a non-elected “outsider” PM being installed after elections. Such an eventuality is seen to foreshadow political discontent, just as it did in 1992 when a coup leader was installed after elections.]

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Stephffadamus’s prediction number 2

From Stephff, The Nation, January, 2018

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Thailand’s New Democracy

From Thairath, January 18, 2018
Title: Thailand’s democracy
On the tank: Appointed PM
On Meechai’s suite: My own rules
On Wissanu’s suit: Political counsel
On flags behind PM Prayuth: Can’t check corruptions; Wearing the uniform to play politics [meaning military men forming a political party]; My own rules and want to extend my stay [referring to PM Prayuth’s apparent gambit to remain PM after the next elections]; Writing laws for gaining power; Destroy political parties; Use power as they like; Correct the charges [meaning changing laws so the outcome of court cases suits them]
On the crosses from left to right: Students; People who think differently, people [groups that have been hounded by the junta for their protests]
Above the skulls: Violate; Human rights
On the dag (representing this year, the year of the dog) is the Buddhist-era date: 2561 [2018]
Phi Nooring: Back to old-style politics [meaning this sort of military-directed democracy is similar to the way Thai politics used to be.]
Mouse: He isn’t done yet. [meaning that the military PM is not willing to give up power yet]

[Refers to the emerging democracy under the junta. Many groups express concern that the junta is preparing to hold on to power via the constitution written under the direction of Meechai Ruchupan and advised by Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam.]

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Weekly News Magazine: The Ever-Moving Roadmap, January, 2018

From Lokwannee, January 27-February 2, 2018
Main cover reads: Extend… more
[This refers to the junta’s broken promises to hold elections soon. On Pinocchio’s nose is a luxury watch to symbolize the scandal surrounding the source of Deputy PM Prawit’s apparent wealth.]

From Siamrath Weekly Review, January 26-February 1, 2018
Main cover reads: Form the troops [red] to move the roadmap
[Refers to the junta’s continual shifting of the eventual election date.]

From Matichon Weekly, January 26-February 1, 2018
Main cover picture: Ngang ngeng [sound of a bell] in the night. The bell rings.
[Refers to the decline of the junta’s popularity and credibility due to several scandals, such as the delay of the election and the inability of the prime minister to remove Deputy PM Prawit from his post over apparent unexplained wealth.
The sound of bell’s ringing refers to making a wish in a Buddhist fashion. The cover images jokes that the prime minister is wishing in the Buddhist style that he can remain longer as PM.]

Top: “Sonthiyan” takes a position in the committee to deal with the challenging mission on recovering the ‘Nation’
[Refers to Sonthiyan Chưnrưthainaitham, one of the former leaders of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) and former director of TNews who now joins the News Network Corp (Spring News), a main shareholder of the Nation Group. All of this refers to the takeover of the Nation Group by other media shareholders and the ousting of Nation founder Suthichai Yoon.
Critics suggest that the Nation’s editorial line will now become even more anti-Thaksin as more conservative PDRC leaders become involved in the newspaper’s management.]

From Manager Weekly, January 27-February 2, 2018
Main cover reads: Is it because of you?
The man on the cover is Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan with a background of flames consuming the regime’s reputation.
Top left: Introduce the owner of the watch. Pattawat Suksriwong (Died) [pictured] close friend, Saint Gabriel to end the problem. [the alleged owner of at least one of Prawit’s watches worked at Saint Gabriel’s College and had already died thus conveniently preventing any testimony]
Middle left: Scandalous around the world. Foreign media reports about Thai good governance and [that it is] under standard [referencing the recent reports showing decline in all areas of good governance in Thailand]
Bottom: Extend the term of “Big Kuy” — violate the constitution to deal with the cases [The man pictured is Pol. Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit, nicknamed “Big Kuy.” The junta rushed to extend the term of NACC members in contravention of all normal standards for retirement for committee members. This led to allegations that the military was making sure a crony was in charge of the investigation that would clear Deputy PM Prawit of suspicion that he has unusual wealth.]
Top right: The NACC was damaged. To clean up Pom’s lent watch doesn’t need to declare as an asset account. [“Pom” is embattled Deputy PM Prawit’s nickname. This part refers to the almost Thaksin-like disregard for independent oversight that the junta has taken up. The National Anti-Corruption Commission appears to be under pressure to absolve Prawit of having unusual wealth.]
Middle right: “Big Tu’s” popularity declined because he said that it is a personal issue. [PM Prayuth (nicknamed “Big Tu”) has stated that owning multi-million baht luxury watches is a personal issue and should not be linked to politics.]
Bottom right: Thailand withdrew from Transparency International [refers to the surprise withdrawn from the international organization and seems to underline the junta’s inability to come to terms with their own promises to be transparent and non-corrupt.]

Top: “Lingling” [black] Miss Khao Suan Kwang. People call her as the 2nd Apasra
Woman in the Left and right picture: Sirilak ‘Lingling’ Kwong
Woman in the mid: Apasra Hongsakula
[Refers to Sirilak ‘Lingling’ Kwong 9pictured at both right and left) who won Miss Khao Suan Kwang, a beauty contest. With her beautiful smile and face, people call her the “second Apasra Hongsakula,” (pictured middle) Thailand’s 1st Miss Universe.
At bottom are headlines about the human trafficking case involving Victoria’s Secret massage parlor and another about corruption involving the son of high ranking military officers.]

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Prawit under attack from watches

From Manager, January 15, 2018
Inside the box above: What I said [right] Bancha/Kamin [Name of cartoon column and cartoonists]
Soldier dragging away Deputy PM Prawit: Hurry up, sir… it’s now coming. Your 23rd watch has now attacked.

[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan, the most powerful figure in the junta and military, who has been engulfed in a scandal after dozens of photos have surfaced showing him wearing an impressive collection of luxury watches.
The allegation is that he has massive undeclared wealth from graft. Graft is a normal part of the political and business world in Thailand.
The idea that the most powerful military figure could be felled by this scandal is energizing junta opponents.]

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She got away

From Naewna, January 11, 2018
Yingluck as a rhino: Let me have fun first. You said you would let me travel, but I have not had enough funds yet. Then you are now calling on me to return.
Caption: Allow a rhino to go to the forest then it will be difficult to catch…

[Refers to fugitive Prime Minister Yingluck who was finally discovered blissfully shopping for luxury items in the U.K. This led to Thaksin foes calling on the junta to bring her back to be sentenced.
The Thai word for rhino is similar to the Thai word for slut. Thus to portray a woman as a rhino is to call her a slut.]

Also: The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–and Being Called a Slut

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Anti-Prawit Graffiti Removed

From Stephff, The Nation, February 5, 2018

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They make the law for their own purposes

From Thairath, January 10, 2018
Title: The power of… my own rules
Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam holds two books of law.
Book on the left: Amend the law to extend the charges to be enforced from its inception
Book on the right: Amend the law from being wrong to being correct
Above the book on right: Opposition group
On Wissanu’s suit: Political counsel
Phi Nooring: The power can be made.
Mouse: Destroy the rule of law.

[Refers to Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam, a key legal counsel for the junta. The cartoonist contends that the junta has changed laws to destroy its enemies–particularly Thaksin and his allies. On the other hand, other laws seem to be violated to the benefit of the junta–such as the anti-corruption act.
Recently, PM Prayuth faced a scandal for overpaying for buying dogs (suggesting kickbacks or other considerations) while Deputy Prawit Wongsuwan has been able to fault wealth well beyond the assests he has been required to declare.]

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Eight Years Ago: Gen. Chavalit to lead “People’s Army”

(Source: Matichon Weekly)

Gen. Chavalit to lead “People’s Army”

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Stephffadamus’s prediction number 1

From Stephff, The Nation, January, 2018

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The both went to London to shop

From Manager, January 10, 2018
Caption: The reason why Pom visited London, but did not see Poo.

[“Pom” is the nickname of Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan who has scandalized the junta after being photographed wearing expensive watches that are not part of his declared wealth. He recently went on a trip to London.
“Poo” is the nickname of former PM Yingluck. After fleeing a court verdict, it was recently discovered Yingluck was in London, shopping for luxury items. She is know for her love of Hermes.
The cartoonist jokes that Prawit and Yingluck only missed seeing each other because they were shopping for different luxury items.]

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Weekly News Magazine: Countdown for the Junta, January, 2018

From Siamrath Weekly Review, January 19-25, 2018
Main cover reads: Romance of the 3 Kingdoms [white] Thai version
[The men on the cover from left to right: Former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva, former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, PM Prayuth Chan-ocha. These are the three big power players who will decide the composition of the next government. This refers to the Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdom.” The three men and the groups they represent are employing many tactics and alliances to win power after the next elections.]

From Matichon Weekly, January 19-25, 2018
Main cover picture: Game of [yellow] PRA
[Refers to concern expressed by Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda to PM Prayuth. Prem (known as “Pra Prem” meaning “daddy” in Chinese) advised PM Prayuth to reform the country and get rid of corruption in order to win back support from the public.
PM Prayuth and the government is under fire for its protection of junta member Deputy PM Prawit who is embroiled in a scandal over apparently undeclared assets. This is symbolized by the luxury watch on the left side of the cover.
PM Prayuth has been advised to end this case as soon as possible to avoid further decline in public support. The implication is that powers greater than the junta itself–such as the Privy Council–could force the military to deal with its embarrassing scandal.
In the headline, the Thai tone mark “+” is above the word “PRA” to indirectly mean “Pra Prem” as the sound of “PRA” and with the sound of “+” is like the sound of the word “Pra” in Thai meaning “daddy.”]
Top right: Facebook ‘changes’ the game impact to Thailand’s online media both ‘big’ and ‘small’ ones.
[Refers to Facebook’s big change on its news feed. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured) said that Facebook will prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between friends, families, and groups and reduce the number of items in the news feed that come from media, brands and publishers. This is expected to cause an huge impact to big and small businesses in Thailand.]

From Manager Weekly, January 20-26, 2018
Main cover reads: Bi-polar democracy
On the left: “The media-politicians have a problem and try to overthrow the junta and the NCPO.”
On the right: “Your job is to show to the public.”
Nong Kiew Koy (cartoon character at bottom right): Please receive medicine at block no. 5.
[Refers to PM Prayuth (pictured on both sides of the page) who showed different side of his character when it came to the issue of elections. While he PM showed the public kindness and friendliness during his visits with people in several provinces, he aggressively criticized the media and politicians for trying to overthrow the junta and reporting on the formation of a military political party.
The phrase on the right is from a visit to farm where the PM fed sheep. He spoke to them, assuring them they were sheep for show.
This contrast between kindly comments and unprovoked aggressiveness is what the cover is pointing out.
Nong Kiew Koy or Miss Pinky Promise is a mascot created to promote national reconciliation. The saying “Please receive medicine at block no.” is humorous saying used to reply to someone saying or doing something weird.
Using number 5 in the phrase (“Please receive medicine at block no. 5″), may refer to the military’s TV channel 5.
Here it means that the big difference between the PM’s mood indicates craziness.]
Top left: From #even it’s dirty, I still love you. Even love, still separate. [pink] “End of Love” [white] “Messi Jay-May Pichanart”
[Refers to the breakup news between famous football player Chanathip “Jay” Songkrasin, known as “Messi Jay” and actress Pitchanart “May” Sakhakorn. May said that there were unspecified factors that led to the break up although they still had feelings for each other. Some believed that the family problems may have led to the end for the couple.]
Right: Get rid of News Feed = force to buy [yellow] “advertise” more expensively. Temporary happiness of the owner of Facebook. Finally, [yellow] “brother Mark” steps back silently.
[Refers to Facebook’s change in its news feed. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (pictured), Facebook will reduce the number of items in the newsfeed that come from media, brands and publishers. This should lead to an increase in advertising revenue for Facebook as companies are forced to pay for placement.]
Bottom left: Very expensive watch is still curious. “PM Tu” survives and forgets to use the Article 44.
[Refers to Deputy PM Prawit (pictured) who is now facing calls to resign due to questions about his declared wealth. The headline indicates people remain curious about the issue. PM Prayuth (whose nickname is “Tu”) could use the junta’s absolute power under Article 44 to absolve Prawit, but is apparently hesitant to do so. He must consider public popularity as the military is setting up its own political party to contest elections.
“PM Tu survives” references the Thai conception that Prawit’s scandal benefits PM Prayuth by distracting attention from his performance.]
Right: “Playing Peek-A-Boo”–a small thing, but helps the improvement of kids.
[Refers to a study showing that playing peek-a-boo will help a child’s mental development. Therefore, the Thai Health Promotion Foundation is now promoting this.]

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The right direction to shoot

From Manager, January 7, 2018
Red Shirt leader Nattawut: Damn, Sek… you fired a shot into the air… so the police arrested you… Why don’t you fire a gun at the military like them?!
Caption: Ten [Nattawut’s nickname] should advise him on how to shot.

[Refers to rock star Seksan ‘Sek’ Sookpimay, known as “Sek Loso,” who was arrested after firing several gunshots into the air and the ground in front of the statue of King Taksin the Great at a temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Sek Loso and Nattawut are close friends. The cartoonist jokes that Nattawut wishes Sek Loso shot in the direction of the military. This recalls the violence during the 2010 Red Shirt protests in Bangkok which included black-clad armed guards of the Red Shirt leadership and military snipers.
The veiled reference here is to how the Red Shirt movement has used the similarity between the names of King Taksin (who established a new Siamese state after the fall of Ayutthaya) and Thaksin Shinawatra to allege a mystical connection between the two.]

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Not Richard Mille

From Stephff, The Nation, January, 2018

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New Year’s Cartoon: Things Are Going Good

From Thairath, January 1, 2017
Title: Happy New Year
[a poem] Start the New Year
Thailand is happy like a new
Sun shining for the progress of Thailand
Mohothornteewi is riding a peacock implying that it will be enough water and full of food
An industrial economy will be progress
The electioneers keep waiting for the election in almost a year
Who does wrong things will be in the jail
Prayom Zongthong, Composer [of the poem]

[The cartoon shows dogs taking on various roles of people such as voting and raising money for hospital by running.
2018 is believed to a better year due to the prediction from the cyclical symbol of the year in Thai traditional lore. “Mohothornteewi” is the Thai new year’s angel that rides a different creature each year. This year will be the year of the peacock. The angel rides the peacock which symbolizes prosperity.]

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Can’t really unlock politics

From Matichon, January 1, 2017
Title: A gift from “Santu” [PM Pryuth’s nickname ‘Tu’ and thus as Santa he is “Santu”]
On the gift: Unlock
Inside the box at top left: Arun’s cartoon, Arun Watcharasawad [name of cartoon column and cartoonist]

[Yet another cartoon referencing the plight of the Democrat Party, here represented by former PM Abhisit Vejjajiva as a crying girl.
The Democrat Party clearly thought it would be the beneficiary of the overthrow of the Pheu Thai-led government and the subsequent military rule.
However, the junta has made rules that will forever bar an elected party from really having complete control over the reigns of government.]

See also: Abhisit supported the junta
See also: Trapped by the whistle

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New Year’s Cartoon: Celebrate the Year of The Dog

From Matichon, January 1, 2017
On the dog: Year of the Dog
Caption: Happy New Year
[Here Thai children dressed in traditional gab celebrate the new year.]

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