Jan 21st, 2020

New Year’s Cartoons: Poo Left From Last Year

From Matichon, December 31, 2019
On the flag: Goodbye the Year of Pig B.E. 2562
On the pig: Year of Pig B.E. 2562
On the rat: Year of Rat
On pig’s blue poo: Politics, Economy, Environment

[Refers to the change to the new year of Rat based on the Chinese zodiac. The cartoonist shows that in 2020, the country is still facing the old problems from the last year (symbolized by the pig’s poo), such as political instability, economy slowdown and the environment.]

From Thairath, January 3, 2020
Title: Happy New Year B.E. 2563 with a huge amount of pig’s poo.
Pig: Bye Bye
On pig: B.E. 2562 wanted to stay longer. Old power [this is equating the negative things of last year and the pig with the military men who remain in government]
On pig’s poo: Economic problems. Corruption. Political problems. Social problems. Gap. Poverty
On a sign: Best wishes B.E. 2563

[Refers to the ongoing problems from last year, the year of the pig, such as economic, political and social problems which are expected to continue to challenge the government in this year of the rat.]

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New Year’s Cartoons: It Will Continue

From Daily News, December 31, 2019
Title: Farewell to the chaos… bye bye… the old year…B.E. 2562
On PM Prayuth’s bag: Budget for expenditure in the year of B.E. 2563
On the flag: Revise the constitution.
On man’s head: People

[Refers the political challenges which will be expected to occur in the new year. The cartoonist contends that the political chaos from last year will continue with the revision of the constitution, the government’s massive spending to bolster their popularity and intensive political competition among politicians being top issues.
The cartoon at top right refers to the Thai proverb “string the guts” meaning disclosing other person’s bad deeds or secrets.]

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Would the Prime Minister run to oust himself?

From Manager, January 10, 2020
Thanawat: I would like to invite the PM to join Wing Lai Lung!!!
Caption: Their parents may forget to teach them to behave appropriately.

[Refers to the organizer of the running event Wing Lai Lung (“Run oust the uncle”) led by student political activist Thanawat. The run is meant to spark a movement to cause the government to fall by targeting Prayuth (“Uncle”) as the coup leader who ended up as prime minister after elections.
In a smart-alecky way, Thanawat visited Government House to personally invite PM Prayuth to join the event meant to oust his government from power. This was meant to be a humorous and media-grabbing event, highlighting the boldness and confidence of the anti-military movement.
However, as it happened during a mourning period for PM Prayuth’s father who had passed away, critics seized on this to question whether Thanawat was right to make his cheeky invitation.]

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Knives out for Sudarat

From Manager, December 26, 2019
Sudarat: Time is up for Prayuth. [meaning it is time for the government to fall]
Thaksin: Time is up for Noi. [meaning it is time for Sudarat to lose her leadership position]
Caption: This word is so true!

[Refers to an internal conflict in the Pheu Thai Party which seeks to oust Sudarat from her leadership role.
Until recently, the major rural factions have been agitating for her removal, but Thaksin seemed to support keeping her on. However, news leaked that Thaksin rejected her request to field a candidate from the Phea Thai Party to compete in the Bangkok Governor election. Instead, a stealth, supposedly non-political candidate is being fielded, who is still clearly loyal to Thaksin’s factions.
In the event of a win, this prevents Sudarat from gaining more influence as the candidate is not under her party’s control. It allows a splitting of influence that ensures actions are taken which are in Thaksin’s best interest–being able to return to politics in some way.]

Also: Run to oust Sudarat

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Chase the government!

From Manager, January 8, 2020
Foreigners: See!… The whole world is worrying about the World War… Thais are running to chase him. [in the Thai “running” is literally something like “playing running” which adds to the feeling that the run is a frivolous event in light of all the problems of the world]
On the sign: Border THAILAND

[Refers to a running event “Wing Lai Lung (Run to oust the uncle)” organized by the anti-military government opposition. The cartoonist ridicules the opposition, contending that instead of focusing on the nation’s issues or the current world situation, such as bush fires in Australia or the US-Iran conflict, the group is only focusing on ousting PM Prayuth’s government.
The underlying meaning to this pro-government cartoon that the opposition’s big, planned protests to oust the government are only to benefit certain politicians (like Thaksin) who seek a return to power by any means necessary.]

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Don’t Let Death In the Car

From Matichon, December 31, 2019
Title: Don’t let them in the car
On ghosts: Drinking. Sleep. Careless

[Refers to a number of accidents occurring during the long holidays as people travel back to their hometown or visit other provinces. This cartoon warns people to be careful not to drink and drive.]

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New Year’s Cartoons: The Only Happiness

From Thairath, December 31, 2019
Title: Goodbye last year
Poem: 365 days passed. The only happiness is the King’s coronation and marriage. It is still beautiful in our memory. On the other hand, there were many problems the whole year, such as marijuana, toxic [things], declining economy, bad society, solving injustice and struggling in parliament.
Thongchai Na Nakorn. Composer.

[Refers to the significant incidents occurring during 2019 in Thailand. The poem highlights the royal coronation and marriage as the happiest things for Thai people last year while others, including political problems and the economic slowdown, caused dissatisfaction in the people.]

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Kissing in parliament

From Manager, December 19, 2019
Water monitors: Hey!… Why didn’t you do it in the private place like we did. That is the parliament.
Caption: It make MPs scary!

[Refers to MPs from the Future Forward Party calling for equality for LGBT people. During the press conference, a same-sex couple kissed each other.
This is part of a series of bold, attention-grabbing pronouncements from the Future Forward Party as it faces many legal challenges.
Here the cartoonist criticizes this action since it took place in parliament and shows even the reviled water monitors criticizing the open show of emotion in parliament.
This sentiment is possibly due to opposition to homosexuality. However, it also is an opportunistic criticism of the opposition for overstepping the bounds of Thai propriety. Thais are typically open to nearly any form of sexuality as long as it is conducted in the proper place and circumstances (according to their viewpoints). Thus a man can be an upstanding family man and have a young girlfriend as long as he does not flaunt it and embarrass his wife. Open emotion such as kissing is never to be conducted in public as is common in many European nations.]

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The proxy crisis

From Thairath, December 25, 2019 Title: Who is a proxy crisis?
Gen. Apirat (standing in the center wearing glasses): They is a proxy crisis.
On his shirt: Rao Cheer Lung. [We support the uncle, meaning PM Prayuth]
Man on the left: We have already grown up so we can think by our own.
On shirts on the people on the left: Wing Lai Lung [Run to oust the uncle; this is a run to be held in Jan 12 to protest the government]
Prayuth: Creative… sulk
On paper held by female journalist: Siang Kong Government
On paper held by male journalist: Angry Pot Calling the Kettle Black
Phi Nooring: Who is really behind this?
Mouse: Afraid of the kid’s running

[Refers to Army chief Gen. Apirat who said that the country is facing a “proxy crisis” where the instigators cannot face the government directly so they have to created agents to do so.
He is of course referring for former PM Thaksin who has conducted a relentless campaign of pressure on governments that oppose his pardon and return since his ouster in 2006.
The proxy for the instigator is the Future Forward Party led by Thanathorn who is now calling on the public to oust the government, much as previous political movements, thought to be directed by Thaksin, attempted to pressure previous governments.
The cartoonist is skeptical of all this a resents the army chief’s pronouncements to the people. PM Prayuth is ridiculed as a thin-skinned military man who is always annoyed with the media.
One example of this was when Prayuth was angered over the traditional giving of mocking names to political figures and parties. PM Prayuth was dubbed by the media as “Angry Pot Calling the Kettle Black” while his government was called the “Siang Kong Government”, a reference to the Chinatown neighborhood where used car parts are sold. The name is associated with a dodgy background and spotty reliability, highlighting the rogues gallery of old school political figures comprising the government.]

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What is appropriate in parliament?

From Thairath, December 23, 2019 Title: Things occurring in the parliament
Left: Inappropriate in the new parliament
On the guy’s tote bag: Rights for same-sex marriage
Right: Appropriate in the old parliament
On people’s suits: Democrat party
On paper in front of a man with glasses: Speaker of the House of Representatives
Woman screaming: Greed!
On the whistle being blown by Chuan: Parliament
Phi Nooring: Recall their own group
Mouse: Savage

[The cartoonist refers to the double standard in the Thai parliament.
The right side shows incidents from parliaments in the past when MPs from the Democrat Party trying to disturb the meeting by physically blocking the seating of the Speaker of House of Representatives amid Thaksin’s amnesty bids.
At left is a recent incident where two men kissed in parliament amid a push for LGBQ rights. Many politicians condemned this display of affection as unacceptable in parliament.
At bottom left is a cobra holding a marijuana leaf. Cobra is a Thai symbol for an MP who betrays his party and either supports the opposition in a vote or changes parties. The marijuana leaf refers to the Bhumjaithai Party which is supporting marijuana legalization. “Cobras” from the Future Forward Party are thought to be jumping parties and joining the Bhumjaithai.]

Another take on this: Kissing in parliament

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Run to oust Prayuth

From Thairath, December 17, 2019
Title: Put on your shoes
On TV: #Aren’t afraid #Aren’t patient anymore… Don’t give up [hashtags meant to demonstrate people wish to topple the Prayuth-led coalition government]
On paper held by PM Prayuth: Using power as they wish [meaning the government is using its power to benefit itself]
On Thanathorn’s arm at right: Democracy
On Thanathorn’s sleeve: Wing Lai Lung [the name of the running event: “Run to oust the uncle,” “uncle” referring to PM Prayuth]
Phee Nooring: Come out and join.
Mouse: Let’s oust him.

[Refers to the running event “Wing Lai Lung (Run to oust the Uncle).” The event is scheduled for January 12, 2020 and will be seen as a public sign of the level of general support there is to force the current government from power.]

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Run to oust Sudarat

From Manager, December 5, 2019 Large words: Go to Dubai; Wing.Lai.Pa. [Run to oust Aunty]
Caption: This event comes first.

[Refers to Phea Thai party’s election strategy chief Sudarat who went to Dubai to meet with former PM Thaksin about her pick for the party’s candidate for the Bangkok governor candidate. All of the Phea Thai party factions chiefs recently visited Thaksin around this time amid internal conflicts inside the party and an intense desire to oust Sudarat from the party leadership.
As a Bangkok-based power broker, Sudarat is intensely disliked by the rural kingpins who preside over the bulk of the party loyalists in the provinces. However, it appears as if, for now, Thaksin is sticking with her as party head.
This cartoon makes a joke with the Future Forward Party’s campaign “Wing Lai Loong” (“Run to oust the Uncle”) to be held January 12, 2020 to protest the present government.
The cartoonist jokes that instead of ousting Uncle Tu (which is the nickname of PM Prayuth), the Phea Thai Party is intent on ousting “aunty” (Sudarat) first.]

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He is cutting the tiger’s tail

From Arun, December 5, 2019
Caption: He is cutting the tiger’s tail.
On chopping board: The budget of the Ministry of Defense.

[As Thanathorn and his party are beset by legal challenges, he is hitting back with attack after attack on the Thai army’s longstanding privileges. Here it shows him raising questions about the military’s budget and particularly the “black” portions and what is off the books entirely. Political parties have typically attempted to cultivate good relations with the military as the army has essential veto power over governments by way of coups. Thanathorn may feel he has nothing to lose as he raises issue after issue to needle the government and its military leaders.]

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Suriya chemical is the most dangerous

From Manager, December 4, 2019
On the small bottles from left to right: Chlorpyrifos, Paraquat, Glyphosate
The three bottle say: The National Committee on Hazardous Substances… The Department of Agriculture… Academics… those are under your control!! Please receive our respects.
Left caption: Three chemicals are dangerous…
On big bottle on the right: Suriya-phosate [Industry Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit’s along with “phosate”]
Right caption:…This one is more dangerous!!!

[Refers to the decision of the National Hazardous Substances Committee (NHSC), headed by Industry Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit, to delay the the enforcement of the ban on paraquat and chlorpyrifos for six months and to allow controlled use of glyphosate.
The cartoon combines Suriya’s name with ‘phosate’ to illustrate that he is more dangerous than the cancer-causing chemicals since he seems to control many organizations that can stall the banning of controversial agricultural chemicals.]

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We need conscription

From Manager, November 29, 2019
Left, enemy: In one year, our troops will occupy your country!!
Right, army: It’s good that they inform us in advance… so I have time for army conscription.
Caption: If the enemy is good like this… it should be ok.

[Refers to a campaign launched by anti-military groups led by Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn. The Future Forward Party has been using every tact they can to harry the military-dominated government, such as bringing up the military’s budget, trying to review and presumably overturn actions taken by the previous coup government, etc.
Here the cartoon refers to their latest move–a call to end army conscription. The cartoonist contends this is not practical–probably because of the intense power competition among the major powers in the region and border disputes.]

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Thanks for the hug, Prayuth

From Manager, November 29, 2019
School girl: Mom!!… PM uncle Tu, he hugged me!!
Signs at the right, from left to right: Gone bankrupt; Gone bankrupt; Close the business; Close
Man with sign at left: Sell out immediately. Very cheap.

[In a recent publicity tour PM Prayuth tried to show his common touch by meeting schoolchildren.
Military men like Prayuth cultivate a stern, untouchable image, berating reporters in public and expecting a sense of fearful respect from those they interact with. This is a fully expected social norm.
Thus it is a calculated photo-op to have Prayuth meeting informally with school children and even hugging them.
The cartoonist contrasts this with the dire state of the economy, suggesting Prayuth does not have the skills or perhaps the awareness to realize the struggles people are having to endure.]

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The chicken farmer and the monkey

From Thairath, November 27, 2019
Title: The proverb may be changed.
Chicken: Slice the owner of chicken farm, let the monkey see!
Papers held by MP Pareena Kraikupt: MOU with reporter; Trespass government land of 1,700 rai
On the knife: Law
Mouse man: The law is not yours.
Mouse: Trying to act innocent.

[This comes from the Thai proverb, “slice/cut the chicken and let the monkey see” meaning to punish someone as an example to another.
The cartoonist changed word “chicken” to “owner of chicken farm” to mean government MP Pareena Kraikupt who was accused of having a farm that encroached on government land.
The “MOU with reporter” refers to Pareena’s bizarre claim that she could not answer media questions because she had an MOU with a reporter to only talk with them.
Underlying this scandal is the belief that no real harm can come to Pareena over this issue as pro-government figures seem relatively immune from consequences. Only opposition figures seem to come under real legal jeopardy.]

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We will straighten this out

From Arun, November 21, 2019
On the top: There is a report that Ms Pareena was invited to meet Gen. Prawit to try to find a solution for owning 1,700-rai of land. Thairath 20-11-62
On the hand: Exit
Caption: Come to the right way.

[Refers to Palang Pracharath MP Pareena Kraikupt who is facing a probe for allegedly owning lands located in a protected forest. This case is receiving considerable attention as opposition figures seem to suffer firm consequences after investigations into their activities while pro-government figures, like Pareena, often have their cases quickly dismissed.
The cartoonist shows an arm with watches pointing Pareena in the direction she should go to solve this case. The arm symbolizes the scandal of Deputy PM Prawit, who was repeatedly photographed with wearing astonishingly expensive watches that he could never have afforded to buy based on his employment history and asset declarations.
As a key member of the junta-era government, he was immune from having to bow to the law and would never of had to step down from his position. On top of that, he was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing. Since that incident, all Thai cartoonists symbolize him as an arm with many watches.
The cartoon implies that the right direction for Pareena is towards Prawit who can help her dodge the probe into her allegations in the same way he did.]

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Profiting from being military

From Thairath, December 3, 2019
Title: The hero undresses to show people.
Thanathorn: Why does he looks so fat? …unusual.
On the soldier from top to bottom: Margin; Outside system’s business; Net income outside of the budget of government property [these refer to the revelations of soldiers engaging in profit-making businesses that use official resources–essentially profiting from being a soldier]
Mouse man: Reveals privileged people [meaning the military are privileged; this is meant to contrast with Thanathorn who is sometimes derided as being a privileged tycoon]
Mouse: Take advantage for a long time. [profiting from official resources is a common Thai practice throughout officialdom; Thanathorn is merely being brave enough (or needlessly causing trouble based on your perspective) by pointing out what everyone suspects to be true]

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Helping the rice farmers

From Thairath, November 26, 2019
Title: True love… not lie
On the rice bag in the middle: Thai rice to the world market. Oo the bag at left: Hug-Phayao
Man with glasses: Buy at 18,000 baht per ton
On the rice bag on the left: Royal Umbrella rice brand
On the rice bags on the right: [left] Jasmin rice [right] 100% with moisture of 15%
On the backdrop behind: Amphur Dokkamtai, Phayao province
Phi nooring: Farmers will have a better life.
Mouse: Phayao model

[Refers to the cooperation among C.P. Company, the owner of the rice brand “Royal Umbrella,” the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and farmers in Amphur Dokkamtai in Phayao province to promote the Thai Jasmin rice brand “love Phayao” (literally “Hug Phayao”) to the world market.
Deputy Agriculture Minister Thammanat Prompow (man holding the bag at right) vows to promote the successful Phayao model in order to improve the agricultural sector and farmer’s livelihoods.
The word “hug” is the northern dialect means “love.”
We need some help here. So who is the man with glasses? Is this supporting the government program?]

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While keeping a votive tablet in the mouth

From Thairath, November 21, 2019
Title: Although you speak while keeping a votive tablet in your mouth…
On the podium: NACC [the National Anti-Corruption Commission]
NACC chief Worawit Sukboon: Please believe in us. We are honest, justice and professional.
On the boxes of evidence he is standing on: Remaining case; lend from friends [Deputy PM Prawit’s explanation as to how he obtained expensive watches]; corruption of government officers; amulets; big cases; case of friends; cases of the opposition; corruption [all of this means there is aple evidence of wrongdoing but the NACC sweeps it under the rug]
On papers held by a man at the back left: Order to be incorrect; Order to be correct [meanign the NACC is taking orders from the government]
On paper held by man at left: News [meaning they are the media]
Phi Nooring: Believe in the action
Mouse: Justice that can be ordered.

[Refers to the credibility of the National Anti-Corruption Commission led by Secretary-General Worawit Sukboon. The cartoonist contends that the NACC’s work seems to benefit to the government as probes of government allies are delayed of dismissed. Meanwhile the opposition must suffer the consequences.
The cartoon uses the Thai proverb “while keeping a votive tablet in the mouth” meaning a person who tries to refer to Buddhist principles to support his actions in convincing people to believe him. The meaning is like the English idiom “to swear on a stack of Bibles.”]

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Words won’t stop the attack

From Naewna, November 21, 2019
Above grenade launcher: Media shareholder case.
Thanathorn: Our heart has already been hit by injustice, we were accused as being people who don’t know how to live. But our hearts are still warm, we have real blood, real human body. Be sympathetic to our people and what we believe.
Caption: This master of words… cannot escape…!!!

[As the constitutional court readied its judgment on Thanathorn’s shareholding case, he gave a stirring and impassioned speech that impressed many with its sincerity and defiance.
His youthful fearlessness seemed to set him apart from the self-serving and conniving actions of those in the past who also tried to confront the Thai establishment–namely Thaksin.
The cartoonist notes that his speech will not help him escape the judgement of the courts and avlacge of legal cases he is being confronted with.]

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The little people are corrupt

From Thairath, November 20, 2019
Title: Claim justice first.
Above the cell: Workplace of people in Chaiyaphum Province.
On the cell: The commoners whose land was reclaimed the land by NCPO [the military junta].
At far right, Deputy PM Prawit: Don’t need examination. [This refers to allegations of him having unusual wealth after he was seen wearing expensive watches.]
Man on the left: Did nothing wrong.
Woman who is being carried, government MP Pareena Kraikupt: Trespass on 1,700 fields of government land.
Above man on the left carrying MP Pareena Kraikupt: Workplace of Members of the House of Representative from Ratchaburi Province.
Mouse man: Carry each other.
Mouse: Push away the faults.

[The cartoon is meant to demonstrate the hypocrisy of the military-dominated government that acted aggressively to address longstanding land-encroachment violations by average villagers.
However, it turns out that star government MP Pareena Kraikupt may be involved with businesses that encroach on huge areas of protected land. The cartoonist suggests that corruption allegations for government-connected figures will be quickly dismissed, just like the allegations against Deputy PM Prawit.]

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Help out or win out?

From Thairath, November 8, 2019
Title: Uncle Tu’s story titled ‘The Lion and the mouse (ant)
Ant: I come here to help in return of your kindness.
Phi Nooring: Making up his own story.
Mouse: Wants to be a hero.

[Refers to PM Prayuth suggesting Thai fable “The Elephant and the Ant” to the Chinese PM during his visit to Thailand to attend the ASEAN Summit. This story is similar to Aesop’s Fable “The Lion and the Mouse” as they teach not to underestimate someone who is smaller than you. In this content, it means a small country, like Thailand, can help a big country, China.
However, the cartoonist accuses PM Prayuth of making up his own fable because there was a question as to whether the two stories were mixed up by PM Prayuth.
In the Lion and the Mouse, the mouse helps the lion in return for his kindness in not killing him. However, in the Elephant and the Ant, the ant can actually beat the elephant. Thus, it is likely Prayuth did not intend to suggest a fable to the Chinese PM that resulted in Thailand somehow conquering China.]

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Thailand caught in the middle

From Thairath, November 7, 2019
Title: Pillar and super good friend.
On Trump’s knife: Cut out GSP.
Mouse man: In the middle of a trade war.
Mouse: The tasty food.

[Here a “pillar” of the Thailand economy (China) and a “super good friend” (Trump, who has seemingly improved relations with Thailand much to the delight of the junta-riddled government) are dissecting Thailand in the form of PM Prayuth in their ongoing trade war which included pressure such as revoking GSP protections.][

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Do you know how to live?

From Manager, November 6, 2019
live . not . happy [literally it means “live not happy,” but the meaning is something like “restless” or “being disturbed,” sort of like a person is making trouble or cannot sit still]

[The logo is meant to imitate the logo of Future Forward Party. In the face of legal problems that threaten to disband the party and perhaps jail its founder, the party came out with a new campaign “live. not. stay.” This cartoon mocks that saying.
The Future Forward Party’s logo literally is “cannot live,” but it means something like “do not know how to live.”
This means that their actions are different from other political groups and that they dare to challenge the government. Saying that they “do not know how to live” is kind of sarcastic and fatalistic–because if they did know how to live they would join the pro-government coalition.
The cartoonist mocks their defiant motto by turning it into a saying that blames the party for making trouble with its provocations, such as when its spokesperson did not wear all-black in parliament during a mourning period.
Such incidents like these were not innocent gaffes, but calculated events that demonstrated the party’s commitment to its beliefs. Thus, suspicions about the party’s commitment to the current style of government in Thailand has resulted it being under intense legal attack. Had the party been more circumspect or subtle, it might have lived to perhaps participate in a future government considering its surprising popularity in its first election try.
The cartoonist’s modified slogan here means something like, “if you stand out, you will not be happy” meaning that Future Forward is a party that likes to cause trouble–even to its own detriment.]

From Manager, November 7, 2019
Left: Thanathorn: Yu. Mai. Pen. [a saying meaning he dares stands up for his principles even knowing he will metaphorically or literally die]
Caption: A nephew has a problem….
Right: Thaksin: Nhi. Hai. Pen. [meaning “learn to escape”]
Caption: ….Uncle has an answer.

[Refers to Future Forward Party’s leader Thanathorn who is calling on the public not to be afraid of the old traditional regime and dare to insist on change.
In the face of legal challenges that threaten to sideline his party, he launched a new campaign for public support to demonstrate to the authorities his popularity.
His new campaign is “Yu. Mai. Pen.” or “not know how to live.” This means that his party and its followers dare to challenge the status quo with a new kind of politics to fight against dictatorship–even knowing they will be destroyed for this.
The cartoonist notes that for all of the high-society billionaires like Thanathorn or Thaksin who insist their supporters dare to challenge and sacrifice against the Thai establishment, ultimately the billionaires run away to live in luxury in foreign lands while their supporters are left to face charges.]

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Trump in Thai editorial cartoons

From Naewna, October 26, 2019
Title: Frenemy
Above the sword: The U.S. cut Thailand’s GSP.

[Refers to the recent action of President Trump in suspending Thailand’s benefits under the Generalized System of Preference (GSP) worth as USD 1.3 billion. The U.S. accused Thailand of not taking steps to protect the labor rights.
However, some groups believed that the U.S.’s action was really in response to a soaring trade deficit and Thailand’s decision to ban ractopamine, a feed additive commonly used by U.S. pork producers, and glyphosate.
The cartoonist contrasts the GSP move with the increasingly positive relationship bewteen Thailand the U.S. since President Trump came to office.]

From Thairath, November 29, 2019
Title: Are we friends?
PM Prayuth: I love you.
Wording close to him: Cut GSP for 600 Thai products
Phi Nooring: It becomes a trade war.
Mouse: Long distant love
On the bag behind President Trump: Budget for purchasing weapons from the U.S.

[Refers to the current situation of U.S.-Thai relation after President Trump announced an elimination of the GPS on 600 Thai products. Since Trump came to power, the U.S. has seemed to warm to the military-dominated government and many activities have been returned to normal. Thus, the government was blindsided by the GPS move apparently designed to reduce trade deficits.]

From Manager, November 29, 2019
Left: What?… You don’t want to sell opium? Then I will occupy your land.
Caption: The Westerner’s behavior in the past.
Right: What?… You don’t allow us to sell toxic chemicals? Then, I will suspend the GSP!
Caption: …in present.

[Refers to the U.S. action to cut the GSP of Thailand’s imported products. This cartoon contends that the move is due to the toxic chemical ban and is little different from the U.K. demanding to sell opium in China in the past.]

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Michael Ball recalls Man City ‘madness’: Thaksin Shinawatra gave us a team talk

Michael Ball recalls Man City ‘madness’: Thaksin Shinawatra gave us a team talk – planetfootball.com, November 21, 2019
…“Maybe another manager might have said there’s a line here that you don’t cross, but Sven understood that it’s their money and understood their way of life and let them do what they wanted, but it wasn’t as professional.
“Sometimes the chairman came down to do a team talk.
“I think a lot of the players were down and doing that thing you do in the classroom – looking up to see if anyone’s laughing. It was just a strange thing and Sven just took a back step and let him do what he wanted.
“We left the changing room and looked at each other, shrugged and said ‘what was that all about?”…

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Domino fell the wrong way

From Manager, October 25, 2019
Thanathorn: This will be the first domino to overthrow Prayuth’s government!!!
On domino: The by-election in Nakorn Pathom

[Refers to Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn who told the public that if the opposition bloc wins the by-election in Constituency 5 of Nakhon Pathom province, it will be the first domino to fall and set the stage for a change of government. However, his party lost in the election to the candidate from the pro-government party. The cartoonist ridicules Thanathorn’s ambition and over-confidence in his party’s popularity.]

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Banning the toxic chemicals

From Arun, October 24, 2019
Title: Unanimously voted to ban three toxic chemicals. The opposition group vows to appeal the Administrative Court.
On snakes: Three toxic chemicals.
Word on the bottom right: Not dead yet
On lady: Resolution
Word above a man with a hat: Agree
Word above another man: Don’t agree

[The committee chaired by the Deputy Agricultural and Cooperative Minister unanimously voted for a ban on the use of three toxic farming chemicals. The result of the committee pressured the National Hazardous Substances Committee (NHSC), which has resisted an outright ban. Other opposition group are also fighting against the decision of the committee.]

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