PAD proposes foreigners to be allowed to run for office

PAD proposes foreigners to be allowed to run for office – TAN, April 1, 2011
…Much in the same way British expats have been running and winning in regional elections in Spain, a PAD leader has proposed that expatriates in Thailand be allowed to stand for office.
PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul said Thursday that voting for expatriates would be a way rural people might not waste their votes for the existing political groupings. The cultural values of foreigners from advanced democracies would also speed the education of those who presently sell their votes to the highest bidder.
…Banharn Silpaarcha, de facto head of the Chart Thai Pattana, declined comments when asked about this. Later is brother, Chumpon Silpaarcha, later said he was sure voters in his home district would continue to vote for Silpaarcha family members or those they anoint…

[April 2, 2010 – This is an April Fool’s article.]

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