Packing a Future Senate


From Thairath, July 14, 2015
Title: Finding the way for people to extend their power
Paper held by PM Prayuth: Senators appointed by an order
A man with glasses’ suite: ECT [Election Commission of Thailand]
On fortune telling stick holder: Lucky-draw senators
On the tie: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order, the junta]
Under the jar: Selected senators
Phi Nooring: Having a fate or already been chosen. [meaning those who will be chosen as senators will be those known to support the military]
A mouse: It’s not democratic.

[This illustrates the retrograde constitution which will feature a portion of appointed senators that will ultimately be appointed by the military. This means the appointed senators will be people who support the junta in their efforts to dull the powers of an elected government.
An unelected senate dominated by the military has long been a feature of Thai constitutions and have allowed the military to be involved in politics without being elected.
The 1997 constitution provided for a fully elected senate that ended up being composed of the spouses of Thai Rak Thai MPs. In 2014, the Pheu Thai Party’s attempt to amend the constitution to provide for a fully elected senate again was one of the factors (along with Thaksin’s amnesty) that eventually led to a coup.
More from 2013: The prime minister should step down? An unelected senate?]

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