Overthrowing the PM

From Thairath, October 7, 2013
Title: Only create political discourse, but with no future…
PM Yingluck is holding posters saying ‘building the future of Thailand in 2020’ and ‘revise the Constitution’
The hooded man: People… please help me to fight against the dictator.
On the hooded man’s shirt: ‘order to kill people’ and ‘100 dead bodies’
The other man is holding a paint can with ‘overthrow the government’ On his head: Democrat Party. The man’s head is in the shape of former PM Chuan Leepai
Papers around the hooded figure: Disturb the parliament and call for rallies, become PM with the military’s support, support the coup d’état, military exemption [referring to allegations that former PM Abhisit dodged serving in the military], order to end the demonstration, and April-May 2010 [referring to the Red Shirt protests of 2010]
Phi Nooring: A professional for slandering
Mouse: Create a political discourse to destroy the government.
[The cartoonist contends that the Democrat Party is constantly using rhetoric to destroy the government.]

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