Oversight in the time of the junta

From Arun in Matichon, December 15-21, 2017
Inside brown box on the top: Arun Watchasawat [the cartoonist]
Bottom left: Adapted from the picture drawn by GA Harker
Bottom right: Arun 15-22-60
On the windmill: Corruption
On knight’s hat: NACC
[Refers to Don Quixote “tilting at windmills.”
While this usually means to fight imaginary enemies, the cartoon seems to point out the fantasy state of Thai politics, where an all-powerful military junta rules that preaches transparency and accountability.
After a scandal involving allegations of unreported wealth hit key junta member Deputy PM Prawit, the task of investigating this man with unlimited power falls to the National Anti-Corruption Commission [NACC] led by Pol Gen. Watcharapol Prasarnrajkit.
That such a commission could ever touch such a top military man is laughable. This makes the entire exercise, including the expected absolution of Prawit, rather pathetic.]

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