Out-of-date ideas

From Manager, October 17, 2019
Thida: The army chief is a man who lost a generation. [meaning he is behind the times]
Piyabutr: Yes…. now the world is moving forward!
Caption: Those people are trendy in the current world.

[Refers to Red Shirt leaders and the Future Forward Party (co-led by Piyabutr) who are presenting their own progressive ideals while opposing the “old-fashioned” power of the military in government.
This was after the army chief’s blistering speech accusing some in the opposition of attempting to change Thailand’s political system.
The cartoonist ridicules the opposition who claim to be progressive persons. Over the years, some in these camps have written about communism and revolutions in other countries as a way to alleged show their true opinions about local politics. However, they claim they just happen to be writing about these subjects and it has nothing to do with politics.
The cartoonist jokes that these supposedly progressive people, alleged inspired by past revolutions, are actually quite old-fashioned by following outdated political models.]

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