Others have done wrong too


From Thairath, October 17, 2015
Title: This country… good people have never done the wrong thing!!
On paper at the top right: It’s wrong, must be stripped and sued for repayment.
On the bag held by Yingluck: Rice pledging-scheme helps improving farmer’s lives.
On the paper held by a man close to Yingluck: Violate the preserved land, but claiming that he’s not. So, it’s not wrong.
[The man is former PM Gen. Surayud Chulanont who was embroiled in a land encroachment charge when he was PM after the 2006 coup.]
On paper held by a man behind Gen. Surayud: 396 Police stations have only piles
[Refers to the corruption case related to the mass building of police stations. The company who obtained the contract could not completed the work and left thousands of sites unfinished. The man holding the paper is Suthep Thaugsuban who was embroiled in the scandal.]
On paper held by a man with glasses, former PM Chuan Leekpai: SFRA helped businessmen losing 800 billion and the case expired.
[Refers to the case of the Financial Sector Restructuring Authority which caused massive losses to the governments.]
On paper held by a man behind Chuan: A loss for Klong Dan
[Klong Dan is a waste water treatment plant case. Yet another corruption scandal.]
On paper held by a man in front of Chuan, ACM Prajin Juntong: A massive price gap. It’s not wrong.
[Refers to the price gap of buying the trains from China for the airport link. The price is higher compared to the price which China sold them to Malaysia.]
Phi Nooring: Punishing only one person
Mouse: Revenge

[The cartoon illustrates what Red Shirt alleged is unfairness in the punishment being meted out to Yingluck for the massive losses in the rice pledging scheme. Other prominent scandals are pointed out in which those involved were not held accountable. All of this is the “double standard justice” the Red Shirt movement claims has been applied only to Thaksin and his family.]

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