Orangutan boxing banned at animal park – Seizure order for Safari World’s apes

Orangutan boxing banned at animal park - Seizure order for Safari World's apes - Bangkok Post, August 4, 2004
...The unusually high number of 110 orangutans at the park have raised suspicions many may have been smuggled from Malaysia or Indonesia, the last two places where these endangered animals still live in the wild. The zoo was accused of smuggling early this year and last week Taiwanese wildlife experts called for a boycott by Taiwanese tourists...
Earlier: Boycott demanded as orangutans put in the ring for boxing bouts - AFP, July 29, 2004
...The operators of the Safari World animal park say the fights -- which start with the Rocky movie theme and include chimpanzees wearing bikinis carrying cards with the bout number -- are choreographed and that no animal is harmed.
But animal rights groups said the apes were being exploited for easy profits and they were destined for a short and miserable existence after their days in the ring were over.
...The demands are growing for an end to the animal brawling, with Taiwanese animal activists also calling on tourists to boycott the safari park...

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