Opposing view: the hypocrisy and emptiness of those who protest amnesty for Thaksin

Amnesty of betrayal can’t rewrite history – Bangkok Post, November 5, 2013
…So let me sum this up correctly if I may. We’re being asked to support this great revolt against the Thaksinisation of Thailand by placing our faith in protest leaders who:
a) were responsible for mentoring and introducing Thaksin to Thai politics.
b) had an intimate business relationship with Thaksin, before turning into a serial side-switcher.
c) copied all of Thaksin’s political tactics and policies while they were last in government.
…Firstly, it is not and should never be called a blanket amnesty, because none of the versions of the amnesty bill give an amnesty to those who were slapped with criminal charges under the Criminal Code’s Section 112, otherwise known as the lese majeste law…

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