Opposing the 99-year lease for foreigners


From Thairath, January 27, 2016
Title: Our life leaves it to… the last asset [meaning something like “the country is our ultimate asset so we should not allow foreigners to take it over”]
On map: 99-year leasing
At right is Somkid with a sign around his neck: Economic team
Sign in front of Somkid: Invite foreign investment
At left is Sopon Pornchokchai who says: Dark horse policy
On his bag: Sopon Pornchokchai
[Sopon is an expert at the Property Consultants International Standards. He has issued a statement against the government’s new leasing proposal.]
Phi Nooring: Have you asked the people yet?
Mouse: A good man will not sell the country.

[Refers to the government’s plan to amend the bill which will allow foreigners to lease land up to 99 years–up from 50 years at present. This plan is opposed by many of the public due to nationalistic fears of foreigners dominating Thailand’s property.]


From Komchadluek, January 31, 2016
99-year land lease.

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