Kanit and Sanan Speak up for the Red Shirts

From Manager, February 26, 2011
Sanan is saying: After the release, if the 7 red leaders feel annoyed and want to stage torching, we two will let them to torch us first, is that right Mr. Kanit?”
Kanit says: Yeah.
The caption reads: The two witnesses should guarantee…
The sign on the wall in the background read: Na Nakorn Residence and Kajornprasart Residence

[Na Nakorn House belongs to Kanit and the Kajornprasart House belongs to Sanan. Kanit Na Nakorn and Maj. Gen. Sanan Kajornprasart spoke up for the imprisoned Red Shirt leaders in court. The cartoon states if the Red Shirts become “dissatisfied” and burn down buildings again, they should burn Kanit and Sanan’s houses first as these men testified for them.]

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