Only the election can beat the devils

From Thairath, December 10, 2013
Title: Only the election can beat the devils
PM Yingluck is holding an election box on which is written: Election on 2 Feb. 2014
Phi Nooring: Only people’s power
A mouse: We love democracy.
On men from left to right: Power outside the system will overthrow the election, destroy Pheu Thai party and kick PM Yingluck out, appoint a PM under Section 7 [of the constitution], NACC and drop the charges on 100 dead bodies [meaning the Democrats are attempting to get out of charges related to the 2010 Red Shirt protest]
[This cartoon illustrates that the government is urging people to support the election on February 2, 2014 amid objections from the anti-government groups who want PM Yingluck to resign and establish a People’s Council to reform the country.]

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