Only in Thailand

From Thairath, June 19, 2011
The cartoon headline is “Only in Thailand”
Top left: There is news about lustful monks and ladies in motels continuously [referring to many sexual scandals involving monks]
Top middle: Contaminated chicken products coated with formalin are widely sold
Top right: Election signs need to be relocated to the top of sugar palm trees [to prevent people from defacing them]
Bottom left: Girl gang hurts a student and taking nude VDO clips because of love affairs [refers to the many scandalous video clips circulating including video of schoolgirls beating each other up]
Bottom middle: Expensive eggs were used to throw at the heads of someone [meaning the Red Shirts used eggs instead of bullets to throw at Democrat Party campaigners]
Bottom right: Fast track to ministerial posts are related to the status of terrorists [meaning the Red Shirts leaders, who called for the burning of Bangkok in 2010, are set to become ministers on the Pheu Thai party list]

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