Thailand, one year on…


Khon Kaen: Students Set to be Charged for Anniversary Protest of the Coup –, May 22, 2015

Bangkok: 38 students arrested after staging a symbolic anti-coup protest in front of the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre – Bangkok Post, May 23, 2015

The Strongman of Siam – FP, May 21, 2015 [Foreign Policy switched the original title of their article, although it is still in their url.]
…In other words, Thailand’s latest military father figure may well find his “children” growing restless.
[This article from Foreign Policy is a typical filler article on Thailand that was being written by other international publications months ago. It features quotes by professional dissidents, attempts to show Prayuth is growing insane and that the military’s grip on power is slipping, and, of course, a warning that resistance will grow.]

One year of NCPO’s rule: civilians on trial by military court – Thai PBS, May 22, 2015
…Anurak was reported to have raised his three fingers, a symbolic sign of defiance against the coup, at Terminal 21 shopping mall. He was bound in his hands and his head covered in a hood as he was escorted by military personnel into a sedan toward a military barrack for interrogation. After that he was held at the detention cell of the Crime Suppression Division police for five days before he was charged in the military court…

Thailand: Deepening Repression One Year After Coup – HRW, May 22, 2015

Thailand one year later: Stable but stuck? – CNBC, May 22, 2015

The Year of Living Crazily: Thailand One Year After the Coup –, May 21, 2015
…It may seem like just a cruel joke, but the reality is tragic. Thailand has become a military dictatorship enforcing authoritarian rule. Its prime minister is an army general who chairs a junta, whose military has a record of committing human rights abuses. There is no reason to believe that any of this is going to improve in the near term without strong international pressure from Thailand’s democratic allies – countries like the United States, European Union countries, and Japan…

Even theater reviews: Thailand’s Banned ‘King’ – NYT, May 19, 2015


Yesterday: More from the international media: After Yingluck court appearance & election delay, foreign media unloads on junta

Yesterday: One Year Ago: Another Coup in Thailand

Yesterday: Is it a mistake for the military to tackle land encroachment?

Yesterday: Thaksin says Privy Council ordered Suthep to protest & the military to stage a coup

For some perspective on what is going on (rather than just reading the same article over and over that states Prayuth is an insane dictator):
May 10: Everyone loves Section 44
April 10: Charter drafters firm on preventing ‘one-man rule’
April 2: Was Gen. Prayuth really unable to answer a “gutsy” foreign reporter?
February 24: Download a free chapter from The Thai Book, A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations: Big Men Always Go Too Far
February 13: Four years of rule for PM Pryauth?
January 31: U.S. Criticism, the Junta’s Reply, and the Fate of Pheu Thai Party
January 23: The Yingluck Ruling in Context
December 22: Forbes: “Thailand’s Military Junta Destroys Democracy, Enjoys Exercising Power: Generals Postpone Elections Before Rigging Them”
September 11: Is Gen. Prayuth really growing “eccentric” or “superstitious” as Time Magazine claims?

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2 Responses to Thailand, one year on…

  1. Wiz says:

    the latest movements of Ai Maew by semaring against Papa Prem and Royal Palace along with the mobilization of Anti Junta students to protest at Pathumwan Intersection to gain interenational limelight and the vandalism on the court after releasing those Anti Junta students implied that Ai Maew’s influence is waning as it has been fizzled instead of getting more anti junta demonstrators. Even Ai maew supporters decline to joint with Anti Junta students
    Worse, even those intellectuals who used to support Ai Maew starting to show up the list of hubris including the blanket pardon at 4 AM (the night of Sodomy) that come to undo Yinglux government and bring military intervention by Junta.
    When Ajarn Sulak Sivalak and TU Rector coming to defense for Anti Junta, Thai nettizens have stormed Ajarn Sulak Sivalak and TU Rector along with those Anti Junta students with barrage of mockery suich as

    – Asking for quick election but never ask for those who responsible for national damages
    – Asking for Democracy but never ask for those crooks and bloodsuckers who loot the nation
    – Confronting with Junta but Kowtowing the elected tyrants
    – Our motherland is doomed becaused these kinds of stupid youths who are nothing by political marionetts.

    Even the mainstream media also being mocked by political poets on the issue of Anti Junta students at Pathumwan intersection.
    the political poet has pointed out that those Anti Junta students are nothing but political mercenaries or even political puppets with student uniforms.
    Those students have no real ideologies but they run any political movements so long poltiicians keep hiring them or feeding them with cash and bribery.
    Those students are just demons in candid clothes to fool those useful idiots, they pretend to be innocent but they never abandon their mercenary nature to destroy therir own motherland.
    Since those politcal mercenarity in candid uniforms want to be on the limelight, it is our duty to unmask their nefarious nature of juvenile liars which is their true nature.

    Furthermore, the plan to set up the dinner talk of Anti Junta by Ai Sunai, EE Dah, and Ai Eak San Francisco in Chicago have been folded after they have been attacked by those Thai expats in USA.

    We do know that Ai Maew has pruchased the broadcasting time in CNN owned by CFR to make an interview on 24 May 2015. Ai Maew telling his PT-UDD subordinates to run more peaceful demonstration against the court judgements against both Ai Maew and Yinglux which is considered as injustice.
    Ai Maew believe that there will be more movement when situation turned worse. … another way of Ai Maew to reveal his truly nefarious nature – after all.

  2. Wiz says:

    When Thammasart University Rector and Sulak Sivalak coming to bail out Anti Junta students, they got the embarrassing moment after there phone call for money transfer to those students in jail after the protest against Junta have been heard

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