One Year After the First Anti-Thaksin Coup

Interesting to note the exact same themes and analysis of the coup then as compared to today.

Thaksin defends his record in the Wall Street Journal: “The coup came as a shock to me and to most Thais”
…We will not have stability, democracy and development in Thailand until we have genuine national reconciliation. Needless to say, national reconciliation will not be achieved at gunpoint or through rigged elections, but rather when our generals and politicians finally put the national interest above their own narrow interests.

Year on, Thailand’s “good coup” gets failing grade – AP
…”Thaksin’s contempt for human rights and democracy was evident, but Thailand is worse off because of the coup,” Brad Adams of Human Rights Watch said.
The new constitution, dubbed the “Anti-Thaksin” charter by supporters who say it will boost checks and balances weakened by Thaksin, appears designed to usher in an era of weak coalition governments that typified the 1980s.
“The new constitution is actually a step backwards for Thailand,” Adams said. It “allows key powers to be controlled and manipulated by appointees from the military and bureaucracy at the expense of elected leaders”…

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