One thing is actually another

From Thairath, August 20, 2017
Title: Know the face, but can’t know the heart
Top left: He says he is democracy.
[Anyone know who does this refers to?]

Top middle: She says she is a member of the human rights committee, but she protects people who do something wrong.
[Likely refers to human rights groups speaking out for Red Shirts or lese majeste suspects.]

Top right: He says he is a boss, but he’s lustful.
[Refers to the case in which an officer from the Ministry of Public Health sexually harassed his staff.]

Bottom left: They say they will take us for a field trip.
On the sign: Court
[Refers to reports that Red Shirts told people being transported to Bangkok to protest the Yingluck verdict that they were simply taking them on a sightseeing trip.]

Bottom middle: They see the bus, but they don’t’ know where they are heading
[Refers to the change of bus signage to make it easier for foreigners. However, this change brought criticism that the change was more confusing.]

Bottom right: She says she doesn’t know about the corruption of the rice-pledging scheme
[Refers to former PM Yingluck who is facing a ruling on the rice-pledging scheme. During her time as prime minister, she was kept away from important cabinet meetings so she would not be culpable over controversial policy being made. At the same time, the party claimed she was fully functioning as the prime minister and Thaksin was not involved in government policy at all. Thus, no one knows if she had any real knowledge of the rice pledging scheme.]

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