One lotus is above the water

From Manager, September 23, 2018
Lotus with the face of PM Prayuth (or Jatuporn? see in comments section): Everything which has occurred… it has a cause and factor. If the Pheu Thai-led government was not corrupt… and excessively [grabbed] power which led to chaos… the military would not be able to have an excuse to conduct a coup!
Caption: In this pond… one lotus is above the water

[Recently, Deputy PM Prawit had a war of words with Thaksin. He denied Thaksin’s call for talks and reconciliation. Instead, he blamed Thaksin’s political manipulation for causing trouble to the country.
This cartoon refers to Buddhist teaching to divide people into four kinds of lotuses.
The lotus on the water level refers to quite intelligent people who, when using a little bit of effort to study or contemplate, are able to understand dharma in a short time. Meanwhile, the ones still in the water refers to medium or low intelligence people.
This cartoons seems to voice the opinion that the constant efforts of Thaksin to gain and hold power and then rewrite the constitution to suit himself led to events which allowed the military a pretext to seize and hold power.]

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