On the Dead Pig

From Manager, March 7, 2013
Left, frog: There is both good news… and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?
Voice: Good news
Middle, frog: We joined forces and are able to defeat Ai Maew [Thaksin] and his power pole.
Voice: And what is the bad news?
Right, voice: We have to be stuck with this pig for another 4 years.
Caption: Bangkok Kob [meaning Bangkok Frog]
[The “Power pole” is Pol. Gen. Pongsapas Poncharoen who lost in the Bangkok Governor election to MR. Sukhumbhand Paribhata from the Democrat Party. The “pig” is “moo” in Thai, which is also nickname of MR. Sukhumbhand.
We are not exactly sure of the joke. There is a saying in Thai, “frogs choose master” referring to people who choose their master, but always end up choosing the bad one. In this cartoon it could imply that the Bangkok people are like frogs electing a master and ending up voting for a bad one (in the cartoonist’s opinion).]

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