On Thaksin’s Birthday


Above: 2012: The hearts of Thai grassroots people are broken
The world is shaken by the fate that unfairly destined
The land becomes cracked after the drought
Lacking of the leader who really cares,
Hearts of Thai grassroots people are broken.
Thaksin is the skillful leader
This is known nationwide
On his birthday, if he stays here, it will be lively celebrated
Everyone will be blissful.
On the occasion of Thaksin’s birthday, 26 July 2012

Birthdays of Thai “big men” are always occasions of day-long celebrations when allies, friends, and cronies showing their fealty with congratulatory messages and gifts.
Important undertakings and events also sync up around birthdays such as the first Red Shirt mass action in 2007. Below are some of the events and incidents in past years on Thaksin’s birthday (July 26).

2015: Yingluck sends birthday best to Thaksin, 66

2014: Predicting that Thaksin is coming back

2012: Former Thai Prime Minister Throws Lavish Birthday Dinner

2012: The hearts of Thai grassroots people are broken

2011: Thaksin Promises He’ll Forgive Everybody

2011: Thaksin reigns in Red Shirts who insinuate Thaksin’s royal status

2011: Pheu Thai MPs to attend Thaksin’s birthday party in Bali

2009: Wear black on Thaksin’s birthday

2008: Pro-government groups attempt to stop PAD rally in Udon Thani


2007: Thaksin debuts website “the truth will set you free”

2007: First Red Shirt action: Surprise Raid on Privy Council President’s House

Editorial cartoons
2014: Happiness and Thaksin
2014: For Thaksin’s birthday
2013: Death Day

Also from 2014: Understanding the Roots of the Thai Political Crisis: Thaksin as Prime Minister

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