On a higher plain

From Manager, June 4, 2018
Thaksin, speaking to the monk beside him on the cloud: Do not worry Tummy… Thai police can fly to arrest only just in the world…
On the cloud is Yingluck, Thaksin and Dhammachayo (Tummy), all high-level Thai fugitives who, having escaped Thailand, seem immune to Thai prosecution.
Sign on the cloud: Goddess level
Sign on the lower cloud: World level

[This refers to those of very high level of power and/or wealth. Thaksin, Yingluck and Dhammachayo are of this rank and cannot be touched. Phra Prommathee did not seem to have the influence to escape as others have.
This cartoon’s joke was based on the expectation that Phra Prommathee would be sent back to Thailand from his exile in Germany. However, this did not happen after all.]

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