Old school, new school

From Manager, April 7, 2014
At left, Democrat leaders Abhisit Vejjajiva, Chuan Leekpai and Banyat Bantadtan wish: Next election, please help us to win and form the government.
Caption: Democrats, old school.
Right: Next rally… we will win and take sovereignty.
Caption: New school

[Refers to the “sovereignty power” statements made by at an anti-government rally led by Suthep. He announced that after the Constitutional Court topples Yingluck’s government, he will bring the sovereign power back to the people by nominating someone who is believed to be proper and seek a royal endorsement of a new PM to replace Yingluck.
This bold declaration of a unilateral plan to install a new PM was widely criticized from all sides and Suthep quickly retreated from his statement.
However, the plan is thought to reflect the thinking in the Democrat Party in that the demographics of the Thai northeast mean that there is little hope that the Democrats can win out over the populist policies and personal popularity of Thaksin Shinawatra.]

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