Old Hotel Business in Nan

From Manager, March 30, 2011
Left: Where is Mr. Bantoon? Has anyone seen Mr. Bantoon?
Left middle: He has returned from Japan, hasn’t he?
Right middle: Ah! After getting getting of the plane, he just rushed to Nan province, Mr. Kridsada
Right: He hurriedly returned to Thailand as he is worried about the Nanfah Hotel. He walks around everyday and night after hearing the news about earthquake there.
The words on the building read: The Nanfah Hotel

[The story is about Kasikorn CEO Bantoon Lumsum who invested 24 million baht to buy a vintage hotel business in Nan province. The joke here is typical Thai word play: Nanfah is the name of the hotel, located in Nan province in the North. It is close to Chiangrai province where the recent earthquake occurred in Thailand. we are not exactly sure of the joke beyond this…]

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