Odd constitution


From Thairath, October 22, 2015
Title: Everyone wishes the success of this country.
Man inside the box holding sign: Odd constitution.
Inside the box (from left to right): Extend iniquity’s power. Reconcile. Established Grand Coalition. Changing attitude.
On the box: Sorry for any inconvenience. We are in the process of reforming the country.
Outside the box (from left to right): International. Press. UN. Amnesty. Asean. EU. USA. Investors.
Mouse man: Friends feels weary.
Mouse: Road map to happiness.

[This refers to the opaque process of drafting the new charter by the junta’s handpicked committee. It also shows the fears of Thaksin and his supporters–that the charter will extend the power of the military over politics and perhaps result in a national coalition government to mute the power of any single party that wishes to grant Thaksin amnesty.]

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