From Thairath, January 29, 2012
Cartoon reads: Tricks
Upper left: An old trick is to serve a dish of bear’s paw. The new trick is to serve elephant’s penis! [referring to the elephant hunting and eating scandal]
Upper middle: An old trick is to sniff glue to arouse oneself. The new trick is to sniff women’s underwear! [referring to the man arrested for stealing women’s underwear]
Upper right: An old trick is to protest by closing the road. The new trick is to protest while scantily clad! [referring to a protester who took off her clothes]
Lower left: The old trick is to beware of green mambas. The new trick is to beware of black widow spiders! [referring to a man who apparently died from a spider bite]
Lower middle: The old trick is to burn tires. The new trick is to take care of the rubber price! [referring to the government that came to power through popularity gained through past protests when tires were burned and which is now supporting rubber prices]
Lower right: An old trick is to put PTT in the stock market. The new trick is to include PTT in the Vayupak Fund! [referring to government moves to privatize PTT and fears that lowering the government stake in the company would allow foreigners to control it]

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