October 14, 1973

October 14 is the anniversary of the 1973 democracy movement that overthrew the “Three Tyrants:” Thanom, Praphas, and Narong

First stirrings of a passive population: …The salary of the Prime Minister at that time was Bt120,000 and the population was 39 million. Local newspapers still referred to Thais of Chinese ancestry as Khon Chine, while Thailand was trying to resume diplomatic relations with Red China after US President Nixon decided to befriend the Maoist state…

The news from 30 years ago: …A Daily News columnist pen-named Nui Bangkokthian suggested that Thais might conclude after the regime had taken this action that: “Students are still young and it’s better that they not meddle in politics. They should let adults handle it while they concentrate on their studies so they will have secure jobs afterward. And that should be it…”

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The “Three Tyrants” finally tell their side of the story

Absolute power in 1973: …If you broke the law back in 1973, you risked having the prime minister on your case – personally judging and sentencing you, as four military conscription officers discovered to their cost…

2003: Crystal torch damage seen as bad omen

2003: Government to officially recognize democracy uprising of Oct 14

2010: At the October 14 Monument

2010: “There were dead on 14 October 1973” and “There were dead on 10 April 2010” The 1973 memorial is at Kokwua intersection where a gun and grenade battle broke out between Red Shirts and soldiers in 2010

Kris Srivara: …Narong personally shot into the crowds from a helicopter. Thanom and Praphas resigned from their political roles, but continued to lead the military. They ordered more troops to confront the remaining demonstrators, but were blocked by Krit…

An editorial cartoon from 2013: Thai people 40 years ago would not understand Thai people nowadays

Earlier this month: October 6, 1976: A Nightmare of Lynching and Burning
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2 Responses to October 14, 1973

  1. Wiz says:

    After 40 years of movement, the Octoberists (Generation of student who ignited 14 october 1973 before meeting the sad and tragic end by 6 october 1976 purge) have effectively split into 2 irreconcilable camps –

    1. the ones take side with PDRC and Junrta who have no choice but to move to their base in Rangsit University
    2. while those who take side with PT-UDD men are going to turn Thammasart as their ONLY fortress … and they tried to purge to those Thammasart people who disagree with them including Thammasart Rector as the impure ideologists …. no worthy to be considered as Thammasart people.

  2. Wiz says:

    Some reminder about October 1973 – Nowadays, those octoberists of various factions never want to tell the whole stories about October movement – they just tell the story when they are either heroes or victims – but they refuse to talk about their dark sides. SO, the natural history may be the real thing to explain all about October movement in an organic and natural manners. As the time flies to the point that Octoberist of different factions starting to pit against one another, it would be better for the new generation to remember the courage and selflessness that bring better future for Thailand … to go through the new era which are full of growing brutality, betrayal and selfishness –

    Reminder for Those octoberist who still egoistic to the point that they demand vendetta against their class enemies even though they are heading to coffins very soon – because your own selfishness to go against the foundation of the motherland, you have met the end of being purged during 6 October 1976 while your own selfishness have brought the end of Communist Party of Thailand after you have alienate the Vietnamese faction by taking side with Chinese faction too much even though you are in asylum in Laos and Vietnam and you take the idea of Year Zero from those Khmer Rouge so you have been rejected by Thai society and you are up against His Majesty cause Mainland China to withdraw your supports.

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