The Democrat Likae

From Manager, October 10, 2013
Sign on the backdrop: The Democrat Likae [Likae is a traditional folk Thai performance]
Abhisit: My dear Alongkorn brother, don’t you lose your confidence… We just keep performing our Yikae [some lay people pronounce the performance ‘Yikae’] …And someday, when people are bored with other theatrical performances, they’ll then turn around to watch our Yikae …because we’re classic.

[Abhisit Vejjajiva is leader of the Democrat Party and former PM, while Alongkorn Ponlaboot is one of the party’s deputy leaders. In front of the stage a dog sits by a reed mat and a newspaper which were traditionally used by people sitting on the ground and watching the performances.
The cartoonist ridicules the Democrat Party, the oldest Thai party, for its weak appeal to the masses. The Likae is contrasted with modern urban conveniences like opulent movie theaters in the same way the Democrats’ staid political presence seems to pale in comparison to Thaksin and Pheu Thai Party’s modern and flashy appeal.
Alongkorn is mentioned as he attempted to generate reform within the party yet his efforts were not seen to produce much results.
The Manager Group, which published this cartoon, has been one of Thaksin’s most bitter foes. Despite once hoping the Democrats could check Thaksin influence, the Manager Group now casts as much scorn on the Democrats as they do on the Pheu Thai Party.]

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