Obstructive hands for developing the country

From Thairath, July 7, 2013
Title: Obstructive hands for developing the country
From left:
Hand with a white mask: 100 deaths, oppose everything [referring to the anti-government white mask protesters and the deaths of Red Shirts in protests in 2010]
Hand with saw: Relieve from job [refers to court judgments that could disqualify politicians or stall government bills]
Hand with a bomb: Wants to overthrow the government [possibly referring to the military and anti-government groups]
Hand with a time bomb: Independent entities [refers to non-political watchdogs or permanent government agencies that can prevent the government from acting]
Hand with a saw: Double standards [refers to claims that Thaksin and his Red Shirt supporters have not been treated fairly by the courts or are otherwise held to different standards]
Hand with a saw: Justice [the courts]
Mouse man: Loser’s hand [The mouse man is artist Sia’s caricature of activist Sombat Boongamanong, whose nickname is Nuling (or “mouse”). He always appears at the edge of Sia’s cartoons, often calling on human rights and reform.]
Mouse: Hands of a dictator’s supporters

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