Obstetrician vs. abortionist

From ThaiRath, cartoon by Sia, November 20, 2010
The cartoon headline reads: Obstetrician vs. abortionist
The man at left, Democrat MP Banyat Banthatthan, holds a sign that reads: Abortion
The hooded figure at right holds a sign that reads: Delivering the baby
The words on the pregnant woman: Constitution revision
The mouse at bottom right holds a sign that reads: Reconciliation requires the release of UDD prisoners

[The man holding the "abortion" sign is Democrat MP Banyat Banthatthan who gave an opinion regarding legalized abortion. The cartoonist implies that this controversial act scuttled the constitutional revisions that would have freed Red Shirts jailed for rioting during protests earlier this year.
This reveals the stance that pro-Thaksin forces have towards amending the constitution--they are only focused on amendments to create a pardon that can include Thaksin.
Initially, amending the charter was a key demand of the Pheu Thai Party, but this stance was abandoned when parties in the Democrat-led coalition government surprised the opposition by agreeing to amend the constitution.
In the last sitting of parliament, the Pheu Thai Party put forth its own amendments, but then boycotted discussions on the amendments proposed by other parties.]
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