Obama and Yingluck and the coup

From Manager, May 29, 2014
Michelle Obama: It’s me who told the Pentagon to tell the Thai military to stage a coup, and kick her out of the office… for seducing you.
Caption: It may have begun like this.
[This pulls together several Thai ideas. First are the continuing slurs against former PM Yingluck for her alleged flirtatious behavior with the U.S. president last year (see The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–and Being Called a Slut). Secondly, there is the belief that Thailand is constantly a helpless pawn in the power plays of larger powers such as the U.S. This leads to hypersensitivity to comments made by foreign governments about Thailand as well as conspiracy theories on both sides about foreign meddling in Thai affairs. More on recent anti-Americanism here.]

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