Obama almost caught Prayuth


From Manager, October, 2015
The toad, representing Red Shirt leader Jatuporn says: See… Obama was jumping to grab Tu’s hand, intending to bring him to jail for the charge of destroying democracy… but Tu was so fast he shook his hand off… and then ran away.
Red buffalo on the left: Oh…no
On the right: He almost caught him.

[Red Shirts insisted that PM Prayuth was humiliated by his performance at the U.N. Even the BBC supported this Red Shirt view of events by posting an anonymous news report on its Facebook page, only in Thai, claiming that the handshake between President Obama and Prayuth had to be “staged” (implying that the U.S> President would not want to shake Prayuth’s hand). The cartoonist lampoons Red Shirt leaders for their oft-used tact of lying to rural people when spinning events toward the Red Shirt cause.]

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