Oak to inherit the power

From Manager, October 6, 2013
On the building: Pheu Thai Party
Voice from inside the building: Good feedback, boss… Thai people say Khun Oak’s name across the country.
On the newspaper, from left: Oak to inherit the power, Oak, hereditary prime minister
People: Oak!

[“Oak” is the nickname of Thaksin’s son. It has been widely rumored that his involvement in political debate and verifying Thaksin statements and activities via his Facebook page are part of an effort to raise his profile to enter politics and eventually take the reigns of the the Shinawatra political machine.
In Thai, “ohak” is the both the name and sound of vomiting. Here the artist makes a pun of Oak’s name and the sound of throwing up to imply people are sickened to hear another Shinawatra will enter politics.]

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