Novices Needed

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Image reads: Invitation to all fellows to participate in the ceremonial tonsure for the heirs of the Buddha
[bold] Udomseuksa [university level], Class of [orange] 44th [the 44th ordination ceremony]
Saturday [yellow] 4 [white] June 2559 At [yellow] 16.30 [white] hrs. At the heir of the Buddhism’s training centre [yellow] Jamjan building [white] (opposite the Kaew Sarapatnuek Room)

[Refers to Dhammankaya temple’s ordination program for university students. This advertisement invites people to participate in the ceremony to shave the participants’ hair before becoming a monk.
Currently, Dhammachaya, abbot of Dhammakaya temple, is facing an arrest warrant due to money laundering charges.]

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