Nothing is Permanent

From Arun, April 19, 2017
Title: Words – Dhammaveenai from Buddha’s mouth [Refers to the Buddhist’s teachings directly from the Buddha. The Buddha’s teachings have been revised for many times. However, these phrases are believed to be directly original from the Buddha. “Dhammaveenai” means “Buddhist principles.”]
Man at top left: To have a fortune, to lose a fortune.
[The cartoon shows one of the Buddha’ teachings–that there is nothing permanent. Therefore, people should not adhere to things. Everything can be change. Recently, many high ranking police have been stripped their titles or faced jail as they were found out to be doing bad things.]
Center top: To have status, to lose status
Right: To backbite, to praise
[The cartoon trying to imply that there is nothing permanent. Whatever people wear, finally they all have to die and cannot take anything with them. Each picture, therefore, shows a step of life which shows we finally becomes a corpse in the end.]
Man at bottom left: Happiness, sadness.
[The cartoon seems to imply again that no state of mind is permanent.]
Caption: These eight things are inaccurate in the human being. It is impermanence and fluctuation which is normal. The intelligent person who is conscious knows this and looks attentively at this fluctuation which is normal in this world.

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