Not yet happy!


From Thairath, September 23, 2015
Caption: Let make our Prime minister smile…!
[Somkid Jatusripituk and PM Prayuth are taking a photo together.]
On the card in the background: “Governmentism not populism.”
Signs on the left from top to below:
Was forced to leave the workplace.
Prices of agricultural products are low.
Rubber prices are too low.
The man beside PM Prayuth holds a sign that says: Cheap rice price.
Signs on the right from left to right:
Economic problems.
Boycotts from foreign countries.
Mouse: Happiness has not yet arrived.
Mouse man: People are in sorrow.
[This reflects the pro-Thaksin/Red Shirt attitude to the junta and its new economic ploicy chief Somkid.]

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