Not the King of Naga serpent

“Not the King of Naga serpent” - Matichon, June 5, 2009
The caption reads: “Not the King of Naga serpent” - The body of the oarfish or “paddle” fish, which was caught in Mexico in the year 2007 (below) and the latest caught oarfish fish in Taiwan (inset). Compare to the image of the oarfish that was caught in the Mekong  River by US soldiers in the year 1996. [We think this is an error as the oarfish is a deep sea fish.] The fish was once mistaken by many Thai and Laotian residents along the Mekhong who link it to their belief in the existence of Naga as the fish’s head contains organs similar to a crest.

Tee notes: The picture of the soldiers holding the oarfish DID NOT happen on the Mekong ("oarfish that was caught in the Mekong  River by US soldiers in the year 1996"), it actually happened in San Diego CA. I know because I live in San Diego and it made news when it happened.  The fish was on display at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography and I have seen it, also in the gift shop they sell the same picture on postcards but the caption reads that it was found in Coronado CA by Navy Seals who train on the beaches on Coronado.  The fish actually washed a shore and was found by the Seals. I also know that in the Bangkok weekend market they sell pictures and make the claim that it was caught on the Mekong... 

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