Not ready!

From Thairath, June 10, 2021
Title: Do you know who is the problem?
Doctor: Doctors are ready!
Nurse: Nurses are ready!
Medical staff: Medical staff is ready!
Man with glasses: People are ready!
Woman: Business people are ready!
Girl: Students are ready!
Woman in the front: Teachers are ready!
Anutin: But the government and vaccines are not ready.
On a paper held by him: Vaccine crisis
Phi Nooring: Dance around the subject for surviving each day. [Meaning he demands the government to quit their rambling speech to avoid criticism. People want to hear the truth.]
Mouse: Good at keeping an image

[This cartoon mocks the name of government’s vaccine registration app “Doctor’s Ready” as everyone is ready for vaccination, only the government is not ready due to the shortage of vaccines.]

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