Not ready yet to win

From Manager, February 16, 2021
On Somsak’s Facebook post outside the jail: Now, whenever we evaluate the situation, we must say that we are not ready. There are still a lot of people who don’t agree with us. Besides, at the moment, our friends are arrested and denied bail. We must realize that if there is now a clash, it won’t make the situation better.
Penguin, Anon, Somyot and Patiwat: What!!!!
Caption: The master said too late.

[Refers to Somsak, anti-government protest cheerleader, and some say mastermind, who recently admitted via Facebook that the protesters are not ready to win against the government as a majority of people do not support their goals such as the reform of the monarchy.
Meanwhile, the four protest leaders, who repeatedly spoke out frankly on the subject, are in jail facing Article 112 charges.
Somsak’s admission seems to indicate that the protests leaders’ provocative statements were for naught and they have been used as pawns to test out the political climate for the ideas of dissident leaders like Somsak who live safely outside of the country.
The mention of a “clash” refers to the Thai style of protest that relies on provocation to get a response from the authorities and then use their response to discredit them and demand their ouster. For Somsak to wave off clashes is like saying protests will not work.
All of this is thought to provoke fear in those who spoke up for the cause and ended up in jail.]

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