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From Thairath, September 18, 2020
Title: Agitate yourself and go crazy.
Kaewsan: Those kids are agitated. Violent… I’m very afraid.
On hands from from top to bottom: Stop intimidating people. Draft a new constitution. Dissolve parliament and have a new election. [These are the original three demands from the demonstrators before other protest groups moved the focus to the monarchy.]
Phi Nooring: Those kids comes to show their three fingers and you are afraid of it.
Mouse: Narrow-minded adult

[Refers to former vice dean of Thammasat university Kaewsan Atibodhi calling on the university not to allow the student protests organized by the United Front of Thammasat and Democracy to use the university for their protest on September 19, 2020.
Kaewsan is part of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, a group that has agitated against the influence of Thaksin and his family in Thai politics and was instrumental in staging large protests that helped topple the government in 2014.
The cartoon downplays the actual reason for the university’s desire to now want the protest on university grounds. The university was opposed to the protest because the protester’s original 3-point political demands had been overshadowed by those calling for a reform of the monarchy.
This cartoon is sarcastic with Kaewsan’s reaction towards the student protest as Thammasat has long been the center of anti-dictatorship and anti-government protests.]

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