Not fair to Thaksin

From Thairath, July 19, 2017
Title: More dreadful than the 8 family members shot dead [referring the mass murder in Krabi]
Judge in black: An act to testify at hearing on plaintiff with no limitation on the case
On the paper that has a silhouette of Thaksin: One who ran away to another country [referring to a change in law so that Thaksin may be tried in absentia and that those who flee from court cases cannot wait out a statue of limitations and return]
At left above, man kissing: Good people party
He says: Dismiss the case
Center on shirt: Friends
He says: Sued in the wrong court [This points out a common way Thai cases are dismissed. They are never dismissed on a point of law, but always on absurd technicalities such as a case being brought in the wrong venue or in the wrong way. Courts strive not to make definitive rulings in high profile cases that one side is wrong. If they can they will dismiss on procedural technicalities instead.]
Man at right on shirt: FSRA [Financial Sector Restructuring Authority]
He says: The case is dismissed as it is expired.
Below: Powerful people
Right below: Never do things wrong
On hand: No standard
Mouse man: Retrospectively revisiting every case
Mouse: Especially politicians

[This points out that laws have been changed so that acts of politicians, even those covered under previous laws, can be tried even if the politician has fled the country. It also prevents them for waiting out the statue of limitations.
This is clearly designed to target Thaksin.
The cartoon also contends that friends of the junta and those who oppose Thaksin are treated differently from the law.]

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