Not about Thaksin, only about fear

From Thairath, March 13, 2018
Title: Waking up, running away.
On the shirt of the hooded figure: Democrat Party
Hooded figure says: Splash talking [Thais symbolize harsh rhetoric as saliva being spit out of the mouth; also, pro-Thaksin groups joke that the Democrat Party is only “good at talking”]
Right on PM Prayuth’s suit at right: Return happiness [the junta’s motto]
Prayuth says: Splash tax money [something like “throw money that is from the taxpayers”]
On the bags on the ground: Thai-Niyom-Young-Yeun project. Give money to the poor.
Mouse man: Afraid of failing, must awake Thaksin’s ghost.
Mouse: Afraid everything.

[The Thai-Niyom-Young-Yeun is a project to dole out money to the poor in every province of Thailand–much like the programs Thaksin pioneered when he was prime minister.
The cartoonist alludes to the claims of pro-Red Shirt and pro-Thaksin groups that Thaksin is not at all involved in politics. This claim continues that he has only had to become involved recently because failing political entities in Thailand find it necessary to demonize him to blame him for the country’s woes. These political entities also dole out money that mimics Thaksin’s innovations as prime minister.]

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