No way to grow money these days

From Manager, April 25, 2017
Banker: How dare you… You wouldn’t accept my low interest rate of 0.5%… then you were cheated by a Ponzi scheme… Now, you’re coming back to me!!!
Old man: Yes… yes… I’m so sorry…
On the bag: Savings
Title: Then the interest rates may be cut again!!

[Refers to the recent spate of Ponzi schemes that have ensnared thousands–especially the retired who have turned to such plans in an attempt to grow their money. Current low interest rates at banks do not even keep up with inflation even before bank service fees are added in.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, the low interest rates for deposits along with the widening gap between the interests for loan to those SME vs the deposit interests are the main cause of discontent as the cartoonist has implied. Worse, only the big corporate will get much cheaper loan than SMEs – another causes of public animosity toward bankers.

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