No urgency

From Manager, July 6, 2021
Left title: When the doctor is the seller.
Sign above door: Reserve the vaccine.
Right caption: [When the doctor] …when becomes the buyer.
Sign above door: Order the vaccine.

[This shows how common people in Thailand cannot just go and receive a vaccine. They have to sign up through a government app and be allotted and appointment time–which is often later cancelled. (Update, July 29, 2021: the government has opened Bang Sue Station to walk-in vaccinations for people who meet certain qualifications such as being over 70.)
Meanwhile, when doctors and hospitals want to expedite vaccination, their efforts are often hampered by government bureaucracy, such as when a vaccine order was delayed by an insistence that it be fully paid before the government agencies proceed with the order.
The government insists it is not stalling and has shown itself willing to sue anyone who says otherwise, but underlying all this is a strange lack of urgency. This is expressed by an insistence that all regulations be followed to the letter, making procurement move at a glacial pace.]

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