No responsibility

From Thairath, July 11, 2014
Title: Er… it’s reasonable.
Left: The PM is not a security guard who monitors a warehouse.
Middle: An abbot is not a security guard who monitors Sister ‘Sherry.’
Right: A railway governor is not a security guard who monitors a train’s car.

[The cartoon illustrates three incidents in which the responsible head of the organization refuses to take responsibly for misdeeds under their watch. At left former PM Yingluck refuses to take responsibility for corruption in the rice-pledge scheme. At middle is a reference to Sister Sherry, a nun who is renowned for her luxury lifestyle. At right refers to State Railway of Thailand Governor Prapas Chongsa-nguan. He has refused to resign to show his responsibility over the case in which a railway worker raped and killed the 13-year old girl traveling on a train.]

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