No reform of state enterprises


From a roadside sign: State Railway Workers’ Union of Thailand
Stop! The holding company draft bill “Improvement on Monitoring and Governing State Enterprise Act of year …” [white] before it causes [red] a catastrophe [white] to the country and the people.

[Refers to the protest against the draft bill “Improvement on Monitoring and Governing State Enterprise Act of year …” which has been approved by the Comptroller General’s Department, Ministry of Finance.
This bill aims to reform state enterprises to be more effective and transparent.
However, many state enterprises and their unions are afraid that this will lead to a privatization of the organizations, something they vigorously resisted during Thaksin’s time a prime minister.
This privatization is feared to be a sale of government (or people’s) assets to foreign interests.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the recent SRT Airport link gone OUT OF ORDER ONLY expose the SERIOUS shortcomings of the way SRT Union are running Airport link due to the endless political football of SRT Board who have become a puppet for SRT Union vs. SRTET who are actually run Airport link but they need the budget approval from SRT Board to get major repairs to the point that Siemens suggests the final separation of Airport Link from SRT … which is not going to please SRT Union who love to MILK SRTET and the future red line commuter networks.

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