No one to draft the charter?


From Manager, September 8, 2015
Deputy PM Wisanu: Brother, you killed him… then, who will draft the new constitution? Mr. Meechi is too old to do it!
PM Prayuth: Right… I didn’t think about it before…
Caption: The coming problem

[The man killed by PM Prayuth is Bowornsak Uwanno, head of the Constitution Drafting Committee.
This refers to the rejection of the draft constitution by the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) led by Bowornsak.
After this, the junta has to appoint the new members of the CDC to draft a new draft.
Meechai Ruchuphan is a former head of the senate and parliament and respected legal expert.
Both Bowornsak and Meechai have the respect and legal background that would make their charters have the ring of legitimacy. If neither is willing to work with the junta, it deprives the eventual constitution of the legal legitimacy it will need in the face of Red Shirt opposition.]

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