No One Can Dislodge Prawit!

From Manager, February 26, 2018
Man (who represents a Manager cartoonist): These aunties so lucky… they smash a car for a few minute then there are people come to manage the situation. We have been smashing for a month… we don’t even see one dog.
Caption: This smashing group’s action is useless.

[The left of the cartoon shows the incident of two older ladies who were filmed vandalizing an illegally parked vehicle with an ax. The ladies’ action caused a scandal that exposed the city government’s collusion in allowing illegal markets to operate and resulted in a crackdown on the markets.
At right, members of the media have been hacking away at the issue of Deputy PM Prawit’s alleged wealth. Such an issue would have resulted in a cabinet member in an elected government immediately stepping down. However, as a key member of the military junta, Prawit is immune to political pressure to resign even for the good of the government.
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