No need to reform the police, they solve every case immediately!

From Manager, July 17, 2017
Above the door: Police reform committee
Pol. Gen. Chakthip shouting on a megaphone: In only one week… We investigated.. and arrested the gunman who killed 8 people to end the case… As we worked very well, do you still want to reform us?
Caption: Here… Pae… [nickname of Gen. Chakthip] you must show them here.

[Refers to the junta’s pledges to reform the police. Here, National police chief Pol. Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda grabbed the national spotlight for immediately arresting the gunman who killed 8 people in Krabi.
It is a peculiar feature of developing nations that their law enforcement bodies often instantly capture high profile lawbreakers–and obtain full confessions from all involved.
The cartoonist jokes that this fact would be paraded before the reform committee to emphasize that the Thai police do not require reform at all.]

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