Must amend the constitution

From Thairath, January 10, 2013
Cartoon title: Very well responsible to the country
Left: Don’t pretend to be stupid. It’s not my duty to explain… Whatever this verdict states… is our business, not yours.
Phi Nooring: Who pretends to be stupid?
Man mouse: Must amend the constitution
Jatuporn Promphan: But we need clarity and a solution of the problem so that we don’t get sued.
Phi Nooring: Asking for cooperation
Man mouse: Must amend the constitution
The Voice: That’s your problem not ours.
Phi Nooring: !?!
Man mouse: Must amend the constitution
In Jatuporn’s hands: Verdict of the Constitutional Court
[Reference is to the Constitution Court’s verdict in connection with the constitution amendment, Section 291 ruling that there should be a referendum. In this case Thida Thavornset, UDD chairman and Jatuporn Promphan sent an open letter requiring the court to clarify its verdict. The court replied stating the verdict is clear, therefore does not need any further clarification.]

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